KUNAL DRON – The prominent artist manager elevating his chore by taking it to the next level

Digital marketing and artist management are the significant trending niches that amass a ton of opportunities and are the prerogative of many who need to aspire for conception in this. Among rare digital geeks, Kunal dron is a pro Digital Marketer with a blooming voyage. Punjabi artist industry is one of the most versatile industry as it has produced a lot of talented artists that are loved by several. But what brings them to the B-town are the real unsung winners, some faces are never unleashed but are the true support assist them to appear in the B-town.

Thus Kunal dron is a 20 years old young successful artist manager and digital marketer who is serving his best. He is soon driving to launch a Punjabi project by bringing the versatile talent of Punjab on the mainstream media which will prove to be an opportunity for. As these Punjabi talents are already having a huge fan following on their social media accounts but by launching them in B-town they will be then admired more by many.

Thus, his strategy is to give rise to an opportunity by promoting more brown and Punjabi artists to the mainstream media. when it gets to social media then he expects them to prosper with an incredible fan pursuing that will open up more doors of opportunities for them. With his digital realm tactics and years of experience in swapping and taking care of the management of artists. We wish him all the best for his future.