Learn How Renowned Marco Calamassi Is Disrupting The Instagram Marketing Industry

Marco Calamassi

What are the most common objections clients present to you during a sales call or consultation ?

Generally speaking, they ask and demand results. Almost guaranteed. That is not an approach that give me much confidence in the positive outcome of our business relationship. If you come to me is because you have seen my results or somebody referred me to you. Trust must be there, from the get go. And from there we crush goals together.

Who is your ideal client ?

An optimism minded individual, with crystal clear goals in mind and the resources to realistically achieve those. Just that.

What other services do you offer in the digital entrepreneurship besides BrandsBuilder and its branding services ?

In addition to BrandsBuilder branding and ecommerce development services, my business gravitates around 3 pillars: Advertising and Paid Media through my company MoreLeads, Funnels and Landing Page development through my division Landrs and Social Growth and Mentorship with my new company WifiMoney.

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