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Malawi’s Top Ten Business Enterprises of 2021



2021 will be energizing for Malawi from various perspectives. Aside from the dark cloud that was 2020, there are energizing advancements in the innovation and business space that are commendable and worth noticing. Going from new projects, advancement spaces and venture activities for arising business people to new imaginative organizations overwhelming the market, there is a whole other world to pay special mind to in the New Year. I will cover these improvements in the resulting articles. Over the past few months, I had a chance to cooperate with many business visionaries the nation over and different partners in the biological system. I can unhesitatingly say that the future potential seems splendid for business venture in Malawi. From where I stand, I have accumulated the elite of 10 new companies and biological system players we need to intently watch in 2021. Here is my best 10:

1. Lox Lift

Lox Lift is a brand new, bold transportation platform that seems to come equipped with not only the ambition and capability, but also the financial backing to completely revolutionize both passenger transportation and commercial logistical trucking. Co-founded by Justin Luwemba (owner of Lox 360) and his American business partner Elliott Carter (financial investor and entrepreneur), Lox Lift connects customers with private car service providers and connects business owners with semi-truck drivers conveniently and efficiently through the touch of a phone.

Perhaps the biggest impact that may be felt in the near future, will be their car pool system, which will make transportation from city to city and region to region all throughout the country extremely accessible, affordable and comfortable when Malawians begin traveling privately as opposed to the traditional bus system.

Also worth noting, the platform policy is to allow its drivers to retain %100 of their profits as Lox Lift only charges a small fee for customers to access the driver contact information. According to Carter and Luwemba, this allows them to work alongside both traditional taxi providers and newer innovative companies such as Ecoride. By removing Lox Lift from the actual service transactions, drivers are now empowered to decide their own prices, choose their own schedules, and keep all of their money while Lox Lift promotes their services for free. Sounds like a fair exchange to me.

2. Kweza Arts

Kweza Arts is an expressions non-profit whose aim is to make expressions spaces for craftsmen, arts and social associations and imaginative organizations in Malawi. It was established in 2018 by craftsman and innovative business person Qabaniso Malewezi and structural architect Washington Chimuzu who consolidated their particular interests for human expressions and property advancement.

Kweza’s vision is to raise human expressions experience in Malawi by building a reason constructed adaptable expressions office that will encourage the turn of events and festivity of expressions and culture in region 43 in the city of Lilongwe.

They surprised the country when they coordinated a ritzy satire show to launch their raising support drive and authoritatively uncovering the structural impression of human expressions place.

3. Ecoride App

Malawi got its first Uber-like riding hailing application for the sake of Eco-ride after such countless endeavors from tech business visionaries the nation over. At first Eco-ride began with a couple of vehicles in Blantyre and afterward came to Lilongwe. Eco-ride is as yet in its initial days so will stand by to perceive how it takes the Malawi ride sharing business sector in the New Year. Will likewise intently follow the input from clients for their experience. I likewise plan to utilize it one day and do a definite survey of the innovation, the assistance, the experience and obviously, the chauffer!

4. Tiyeni App

The travel industry is a 1,000,000 dollar business in Malawi and it offers a ton of chances for tech designers to create stages that can improve the vacationers’ experience. The yet-to-be dispatched Tiyeni App is basically doing that! The application expects to give voyagers data about various objections. Past posting vacationer locations, the application will likewise permit clients to book and pay directly on the application. It is portable, local area driven and client-centered by their site.

5. Phwando App

Wanting to go to an occasion in the significant urban communities in Malawi was not finished without Phwando application in your telephone. The previous year Phwando improved a great deal on their application both actually and substance insightful. The application shows all the occasions going on around Malawi’s significant urban communities including Salima, Mangochi, Nkhatabay and Likoma Island. The application additionally shows you the area of the occasion, get headings, contact the coordinators or offer the occasion with your companions. All these for nothing. 2019 is a major year for Phwando for development the two highlights and reach.

6. Kweza Equity Partners 

In the previous few years, arising business visionaries battled to get to venture for their organizations. The alternatives were restricted to banks, loved ones, miniature account organizations or at times advance sharks. The states of the speculation choices were additionally not helpful for a normal beginning up looking for venture to go to showcase or develop their business.

There has been some development in the speculation space. Privately owned businesses are coming in to put resources into arising business visionaries in entirely adaptable conditions. Instances of venture firms like Accesserator, WealthNet Finance, Enterprise Innovation Hub and Business Partners can be given. 2018 saw the coming in of Kweza Equity accomplices which has put resources into various new companies. It’s a positive advance for the biological system and might want to see greater speculation organizations coming in to help the business visionaries. It will likewise push the business visionaries to work more on their models to fit the prerequisites of these financial specialists. 

7. Point Dimensions 

The expansion of local area driven and casual advance and investment funds bunches prominently known as Banki M’khonde prompted the improvement of a versatile application to formalize the credit investment funds portable application, Khusa by a tech organization Angle Dimensions. Well known for their Financial 360 stage, Angle Dimensions are building up themselves in the domain of FinTech and Digital Finance in Malawi. Khusa App permits gatherings to save access bunch advances through the production of computerized wallets. The application additionally causes gatherings to monitor their investment funds, limit hazard that is related with going with loads of money to aggregate gatherings and furthermore offers the gatherings a chance to coordinate with banks or intrigued monetary establishments. In 2018 Khusa was assigned for the World Summit grants. Will acutely follow the advancement of the Angle Dimension and the application as it focuses more than 80% of the populace in Malawi which is unbanked. 

8. The Basket Malawi 

An eating routine isn’t adjusted except if there are a few veggies included. The Basket is ensuring that each home in Malawi can undoubtedly get to new veggies and have them conveyed in their homes. Dispatched in the last quarter of 2018, The Basket Malawi is an energizing method of requesting a bushel brimming with vegetables and organic products that will make a fair eating routine. Getting orders through telephone and web-based media, Basket Malawi has been conveying the bushel to clients in Lilongwe. They additionally offered an uncommon sort of crates for the Christmas occasions. It is a developing method of utilizing nearby answers for internet business and calculated difficulties in Malawi. 2019 is a year for The Basket to build up itself as a working plan of action and develop to other topographical regions. 

9. Respectable Agri-Tech 

Respectable Agri-Tech is Youth driven horticulture innovation organization that manages agribusiness advances, field soil test, ranch planning a lot, farming frameworks computerization, water system arrangement and farming consultancy. These are new alumni from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources who have collaborated to begin an agri-tech organization that mechanize frameworks for green ranchers in Malawi. 

In 2018 Noble Agri-Tech has planned water system frameworks, hydroponics and introduced green houses for ranchers the nation over. They have a great deal of potential and a chance to fill extremely quick in a country that depends on Agriculture. We will intently follow them in 2019. 

10. Canny Monitoring Systems (IMOSYS) 

Canny Monitoring Systems (IMOSYS) has been around for quite a while as an inventive organization that is pushing innovation and designing to the outrageous by creating Internet of Things (IoT) and man-made brainpower (AI) answers for the Malawian market helping individuals and associations deal with their assets distantly. Established by Engineer Mayamiko Nkoloma, IMOSYS has concocted a sunlight based fueled water stand called iTap which will permit individuals the nation over access utilizing a savvy card. The water booth is open to the local area day in and day out likewise permits water sheets to distantly oversee reserves gathered from these common water stands. 

IMOSYS has stood out of a few partners including being granted at the ITU gathering, granted by MBC Innovation Awards in 2017 and pulling in revenue from a few speculators who went to the Malawi Investment Forum in June 2018. This is one beginning up we are intently watching to see conveying the iTap in different zones the nation over. 

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How to start a successful Online Network – with Manuela Fantini



What made you decide to open up online networks instead of becoming an Influencer?

One day I asked myself a few questions about our role as consumers:

  • What drives us to buy something?
  • What makes us willing to spend more on one brand than another?
  • What inspires us to trust and what arouses our emotions?

I am almost a compulsive online shopper, but after many rips-off, there are only a few retailers and brands I trust in. Over time I have seen reviews on Amazon bought in exchange for free products, photos of products that didn’t match at all to reality, even sellers who don’t ship the goods. Today, with the development of online shopping, I’m pleased to see that things are improving, but I’ll tell you the truth, mine was a rocky start with an unsuccessful collaboration.

When this brand contacted me I was so excited! I’ve known them for a while as I was one of their followers, I happened to see some of their ads, so in turn visited their website, everything was very clear and well done. They also have a Facebook group where there were reviews and testimonials about the tested products. Wow! There was something to feast your eyes: beautiful packaging, ideas in the kitchen, a thousand different tastes, videos of girls enthusiastically sharing their experience, colors, and good vibes everywhere.

So as a consequence of this good energy, I accepted… I opened the package, started trying every product, and guess what? I had an awful feeling of disappointment, I couldn’t justify the reason why the taste of what I was trying, did not at all match what I’d heard or read. So, I decided that I would take a little “risk” trying new things (my instinct to take risk is stronger than me!) I would then rely on word of mouth. When a friend of yours recommends you a good restaurant where they went, a book that they particularly enjoyed, a very tasty recipe, or a person to follow on Instagram?

“We do word of mouth about EVERYTHING and we don’t even notice it.”

I constantly ask their opinions to people that I think are better than me on many different topics, I also ask for advice from my audience on social networks and I have to say that amazing ideas come from these kinds of chats! I chose my dryer, the brand of my coffee, the vegetables to combine with the salmon, my shampoo, the vegan Nutella, where to get my nails done, restaurants to try, and all of these by word of mouth… it has become an unconscious habit. I wanted to take advantage of this, making it beautiful and sincere, to grow a COMMUNITY of people who live this adventure, like me, who express themselves and share what they like and feel better. I am not interested in being a small-time influencer who talks all day about this tea or about that cream just because they are paid to do it. I’m not even interested in doing the one that has the truth in her pocket only talking about cool products with amazing results.

I want to experience with all of you my skincare product test, my DIY testing’s, my weight-loss journey, my gym progresses, and my culinary successes (and failures) and talk about them freely. I strongly believe that there is always someone who can find my experience and my humble “review” useful.

Follow Manuela on Instagram and Facebook

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All you need to know about ICMA PMC training Course



If you are interested in working along with debt primary markets or you are already engaging with it, you should go ahead and enroll in the ICMA PMC training Course. Content shared by the course would be highly valuable and you will be able to follow it to figure out how to unlock many new opportunities that are available in front of you.

What can you learn from ICMA PMC training Course?

The main objective of the ICMA PMC training Course would be to understand how the complete life cycle of bond issuance would take place. Along with that, you can determine how to consider the financing choices via the closing of transactions that take place within the marketplace. During the course, you will be able to go through training programs, where you can get hands on experience on the theoretical principles that are associated with instruments, markets, and financing techniques. You will be able to understand the theories in a way, so that you can go ahead and implement them in the practical world according to your preferences. Hence, you cannot compare the ICMA PMC training Course with any other traditional course that shares the same concepts.

At the end of the ICMA PMC training Course, you will be able to gain qualifications that would add more value to your skill profile. On top of that, you will be able to understand how to add more value into the activities of the company within the primary markets as well.

Outline of the course

By going through an outline of the course, you can understand what it covers and what you will be able to learn out of your investment. The ICMA PMC training Course would share information with related to origination and syndication with you. On top of that, you can understand how to review pricing decisions and the launch requirements as well. You will also be able to have a better understanding about the existing liability management techniques. Based on that, you can understand how to apply them in different real-world situations and what outcomes you can expect to receive through their applications.

Along with these concepts, the ICMA PMC training Course would also help you to understand the events of default, along with covenants and debt ranking as well. No matter what, this course will be sharing details with related to the current market practices with you.

You will always be getting up to date information from the course. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about anything as you follow the course. The content would be highly relevant according to what you expect to learn at the end of the day. This will help you to understand how to get amazing returns at the end of the day with the work that you do as well.

Who can take part in the ICMA PMC training Course?

There aren’t any hard and fast rules on who should be taking part in the ICMA PMC training Course. However, this training program is mainly designed for the people who are currently working within the transaction management, syndication, and origination areas of the investment banks. Even if you are working at one of the security houses, you can take part in this program.

No matter what, you can call ICMA PMC training Course as one of the most valuable qualifications that are available for the capital markets lawyers who are willing to understand how to enhance their understanding on the work that they do with related to the primary markets.

According to recent studies, we can see how people who are currently working for institutions are showing an interest to take part in the ICMA PMC training Course as well. You will be able to call this as a good opportunity available for them to grab as well. That’s because they will be able to understand how to proceed with raising funds within the international capital markets. Some of the most valuable secrets on how to raise funds within international capital markets will be shared by ICMA PMC training Course. Hence, you can call this as one of the most versatile training programs available out there to consider as of now.

Is the ICMA PMC training Course recognized?

Yes, the ICMA PMC training Course is a fully recognized course available for you to follow. For example, it has been approved by the Securities and Futures Commission located in Hong Kong. On the other hand, ICMA Group is a part of the CPD Certification Service as well. it is providing assistance for the organizations in order to formalize the knowledge that they have into a properly structured form and a recognized approach, which will help the professionals with getting their development expectations catered at the end of the day.

To take part in the ICMA PMC training Course, you will have to invest around 50 hours of your time. Then you can understand all the concepts shared by the course. Based on the time and effort you invest on the course; you will be able to end up with securing desired outcomes at the end of the day.

Final words

ICMA PMC training Course is one of the best courses available as of now for the people who wish to take part in the debt capital markets. You will be able to understand how to reflect the extensive expertise and work in the area of debt capital markets as you follow the course. On the other hand, the course would follow new and up to date information with related to market practice changes with you.

The entire course is formulated by industry experts and you don’t have to keep any second thoughts in mind about the quality of content. Regardless of the knowledge and expertise you have, it is possible to follow this course and grab the knowledge shared out of it.

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Ryan Mitchell Rios’s strong resolve and resilience helped him become the #1 telemarketing salesman in the US.



Be it as a top salesman or a business mind in the telemarketing industry, Ryan Rios has an inspiring journey.

It sometimes takes years for people to realize their true purpose in life, while some others realize it early and start making efforts towards it. This helps them out to create their unique path, leading them towards more success right from an early age. Most of the youngsters that we hear about today doing extremely well in the business world and other fields have been the ones who realized what they sought in life and thus, without wasting any more time, jumped into their industries to start creating their success. This is exactly what Ryan Mitchell Rios did in the telemarketing sales niche and today has earned space for himself, where others look up to him.

Imagine a young guy totally broke, living in the trailer of his mom’s home, riding the bus to make it to a particular interview for a job, ultimately going ahead to becoming the #1 salesman across the US, showing his prowess in giants like Amazon and Walmart. Well, this is the true story of Ryan Rios, who today, at 31 years of age, has achieved unbelievably, thanks to his passion for sales and the right guidance and mentorship he received from brother Ricky and Kris Gomez, aka The Shark, who is the best in the business. Learning the ‘its and bits’ of the selling business and honing his skills daily helped the youngster to thrive in the business and how.

He confesses that today if he has become the only person to produce 7 figures in a year and has been consistently remained the #1 salesman in the industry, it is all because of his love and passion for sales and his determination to put in every possible effort to win in any situation. He has slowly gone ahead in becoming an expert in negotiation and sales, which has also increased his stocks in the industry. Having the right mindset always and working with a strong mental attitude are things that help individuals across any field emerge as winners and become success stories, believes Ryan Rios, because that exactly has what helped him in his journey so far, where he has even attained 5 million in sales, which is commendable for a young talent like him.

Looking at his successes, there’s definitely no turning back for him. Do follow him on Instagram @ryanhelpedme to know more.

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