Margaret Ogola: Google Doodle Celebrates Kenyan Author and Human Rights Advocate’s 60th Birthday

Google celebrates the 60th birthday celebration of Margaret Ogola, Kenyan author, pediatrician, and human rights advocate, with unique Doodle.

Margaret Ogola was born on June 12, 1958, in Asembo, Kenya. Margaret Ogola graduated from Alliance Girls High School and the University of Nairobi and had specialized in pediatrics. She was in charge of regulating in excess of 400 health centers in various locales of Kenya and worked with HIV-positive orphans. She thought that she would be able to explain her views best by writing a book in this intense and exhausting work program.

Margaret Ogola, in her book The River and The Source, focuses on the female matriarch named Akoko and the few generations of Kenyan women from the 19th century to the present. This study, which stressed the political and cultural changes that occurred over numerous years, such as the AIDS crisis and the role and importance of women in African society, was rejected by publishers and not published for a time. Then in 1994, it was published and won the 1995 Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature and the 1995 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book.

Underscoring the fortitude and generosity of African women, “The River and The Source” is among the books that ought to be perused in auxiliary schools in Kenya.

Notwithstanding her novels, Dr. Margaret Ogola worked at the Kenyatta National Hospital and helped HIV-positive vagrants as Medical Director of Cottolengo Hospice. She was the nation coordinator for charities such as The Hope for Africa Children’s Initiative, CARE, Society for Women and AIDS, and Save the Children. In 1999, she was honored with the World Congress of Families in Geneva, Switzerland for her contribution to women and HIV-positive orphans in Kenya and Africa.

Margaret Ogola passed away on September 21, 2011, in Nairobi, Kenya. Be that as it may, her novels and African women’s altruism and AIDS awareness raising efforts will continue her name and heritage. Today, Google celebrates Margaret Ogola’s 60th birthday with a Doodle dedicated to her.