Mario Kart Tour With RMX Rainbow Road 2 Gets A New Year Update

Lakitu is at long last getting his time at the center of attention following quite a while of being Mario’s difficult camera fellow. Certainly, there have been times when he’s tossed stuff at us from his cloud, however who can accuse him? He never will participate in the good times!

The subject of the New Year 2021 Tour, which is now live on Mario Kart Tour, is by all accounts “party”, which clearly looks like loads of sparkly reflective surfaces and large caps.

Alongside Party Pauline, Party Toad, and the awesome disco-ball Party Wing vehicle, our most current kart driver Lakitu is completely spruced up and all set for an incredibly sparkling New Year’s get-together.

There are some somewhat pleasant subtleties on the new increases, including a “2020” sign in the back of Pauline’s car, confetti in her hair, and the little party cap on Toad’s head… or then again perhaps he’s now wearing a cap? We should not consider it to an extreme.

Will you play the New Year update? Have you previously opened a portion of the new stuff? Inform us concerning it in the remarks!