Matteo Arnaldi -A fitness Marco Polo’s Journey from fat to fit

Most of us are often under the notion that Fitness trainers/coaches have always been fit and that they wouldn’t know the struggle that we go through to achieve the ideal body type. Here is where Matteo Arnaldi, the 31-year-old Italian Fitness explorer and guru proves us wrong.

When asked about his journey to the road of fitness he says “I have been the fat boy in my class and everywhere I go and have been bullied till I was 15. I was bullied even at my local gym. So, yes I exactly know what my clients have been through which is why I can help them be what they want to be”.

Matteo started his journey to being fit at the age of 15 and started training and coaching people from the age of 17. He turned all the plates around when he bought the place he trained at, the gym where he was bullied and the bullies became his clients and trainers 10 years from when he started.
He says “it is not going to be easy, but I will do everything to make my clients feel motivated and driven to their fitness goals”.