Meet Prashant Basista: One of the top Marketing Experts in the World

Entrepreneurial passion is often viewed as both a strength and weakness and the decision to pursue entrepreneurship leaves many anxious at the crossroads. For Prashant Basista, it proved to be his strength. Having dropped out of school to chase his dreams, he was able to successfully surpass this dilemma. The 16-year-old digital entrepreneur is currently an internationally recognized marketing expert, a Motivational speaker, a contributing writer for over 10 world-renowned publications such as Thriveglobal, IMDb, Yahoo News, etc., and the founder and CEO of 3 successful companies. Recently, he was one of the youngest entrepreneurs to be featured in Google’s list of youngest digital entrepreneur.

Having acquired sufficient knowledge of marketing early on, Prashant began to offer digital marketing services to various businesses. Combining his knowledge with his business acumen, Prashant co-founded TheDigitalFame to cater to the increasing number of clients. It is a full-service digital agency that partners with clients to drive their business outcomes. He works closely with businesses to craft personalized solutions relating to website development, brand management, marketing, and more. Thedigitalfame has laid down its blueprint for success and global recognition.

TheDigitalFame partners with various businesses and works around their digital needs. It has a three-branched approach to offering its services: Development, design, and growth. This way, TheDigitalFame is able to classify its affairs while maintaining clear communication with each department. Prashant staunchly believes that the success of a business is dependent on its ability to stay organized and uphold effective communication.

The digital marketing specialist believes that a strong business needs more than just an idea; it needs a strong business model, effective viral marketing, and a resilient PR strategy. He trusts that all the effort that a company does boil down to the image it portrays to the rest of the world. To help businesses control the image they portray, Prashant is planning to start, a PR agency that specializes in strategic media placements. Through this agency, he helped startups, companies, and entrepreneurs grow their influence and improve their credibility by using the power of strategic media placements.

Having achieved multifold success, Prashant is on his way to the creation of an international business empire. He envisions to scale his businesses even further in the upcoming years and is expected to launch a social discovery network in some time as his next venture, something that he has been working on for the past 2 years. He said, “This social discovery network is going to be my main business and it will be a game-changer.”

He has truly taken the internet by storm. The success Prashant achieved at such a young age serves as an inspiration for many to think big and follow their dreams