Mimi Bouchard’s Sunday Self-Care Routine

The idea of self-care has often been frowned upon. Some people think it’s shameful and self-indulgent to take care of yourself, and most people still treat their self-care time as some form of a guilty pleasure, something to hide away from the rest of the world. However, there is a change in the air!

Thankfully, the mindset around self-care is changing rapidly all over the world, with many people starting to understand that taking care of yourself is not just about hedonism. It is a way to give yourself a break from your daily stress and the hassle of your routine. It is a way to stay grounded and regain some mental sanity, especially after you work so hard to achieve your life and professional goals.

Even celebrities and outspoken wellness industry insiders like Mimi Bouchard are not shy about advocating self-care. The latter went as far as sharing tips, and even giving people a sneak peek into her Sunday self-care routine! The former reality television star and current personal transformation guru has revealed that she takes some time for herself on Sundays.

Her quality of personal time starts with the morning light. There is no rush, and she likes to take it easier, keeping her mind free from stress and anxiety, as well as practicing meditation to achieve that and take it to the next level. She starts each day with breathwork and/or meditation. Later, she spends some time catching up with emails, a soft work day and some reorganization, before eventually have some fun time cooking an early dinner and listening to some music or an interesting podcast. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she suggests starting off the day with breathwork or meditation, limiting media exposure, reading something personal, giving yourself space to process emotions, creating positive affirmations, connecting with loved ones and focusing on something to be grateful for every day.

Mimi Bouchard

It’s inspiring to see how beneficial it can be to kick back a little, and embrace the power of self-care and personal enjoyment for your daily life! @Mimibouchard