Model Jocelyn Wedow Talks About Her Past & Reveals Her Future Plans

Model Jocelyn Wedow Talks About Her Past & Reveals Her Future Plans

In the Ontario Province of Canada, there is a small town called Brussels. The population of Brussels sits at just above 1000, making it not much more than a humble pinprick on a map. Even as a child, Jocelyn Wedow knew that she would one day leave Brussels in pursuit of a place big enough to hold her dreams. But she had no way of knowing that this journey would lead her to a career as a leading swimsuit and clothing model.

When Wedow first left home, it was to attend the University of Toronto. Moving to such a large city after a small-town upbringing brought on a fair amount of culture shock. But with it, exciting new opportunities and people. As a high schooler, Wedow had always thought she’d enter the medical field. As such, she began a psychology degree during her university studies. But once in the city, she also began expressing herself more artistically. It was around that time she got scouted as a potential model. She found that she was quite comfortable in front of a camera and that she enjoyed modeling more than she’d anticipated. “A whole new career path opened before my eyes,” said Wedow. “And that’s why I decided to pursue modeling wholeheartedly.”

Wedow was immediately signed with CW Management and Elite Model Management. This led her to modeling gigs in both Los Angeles and Miami, two major hubs for the industry. She has gone on to specialize in clothing and swimwear modeling and has been featured in a variety of spreads. She walked the runway during Miami’s Swim Week and was even featured in Sports Illustrated.

Even as a leading model, Wedow continues to invest time in her other interests. She has resumed her studies at a school in New York. And since she has been an enthusiastic athlete since her childhood back in Ontario, she is now also spending more time on the golf course. In addition to modeling, Wedow has even begun dipping her toes into the acting sphere. She has been cast in two upcoming films, one of which will be directed by Michael Bay.

Wedow is thrilled that she was able to turn her leading passion into a career. “Modeling has given me so much,” said Wedow. “I cannot wait to see what the future holds, and I am so proud of how far I have come.”