Morteza Aljafari Surpasses An 8 Million Follower Instagram Network

Morteza Aljafari, known in 2017 as “trulyboymj” on Instagram for his crazy viral content that was trending around the media. After having some of his personal content blow up and go viral he decided to start doing Instagram theme pages which are more likely to gain traction as people like to see more content like that on Instagram. Starting out we need to talk about his very first Instagram theme page that plays a big part in his career, the very famous and well-known relationship page that tons of people follow, 900k+
to be exact goes by the name @attachedlove – I’m sure you’ll find many of your friends following this amazing page.

This wasn’t the only achievement Morteza was proud of, even though he started out in 2017 with his personal page that blew up, his complete Instagram network stands at over 8 and a half million followers! This wasn’t easy for him as he’s been working very hard to grow his network. Morteza transformed from a 6 million follower network to an 8 and a half million follower network in just months, this was the time where he thought to himself that he was going to do the impossible and grind like no one ever did before. This very successful individual is probably one of the best people to get in contact with if you ever need any social media or Instagram growth as he can deliver tons of growth at great prices, read til’ the end to find out how to get in contact with him! He’s once had a 100,000 follower campaign that someone wanted to be completed quickly, he took it into his own hands and completed the whole campaign within 3 weeks, that’s around 5,000 real engaging Instagram followers gained every single day.

Morteza Aljafari is very well connected with lots of celebrities and influencers that work with him for their own social media growth. This Middle Eastern individual has achieved the impossible and made his family
very proud of him as not many people can be this dedicated and do this much work by the age of 18. He is expecting to have reached a 10 million follower Instagram network by 2021, if he puts in enough work and effort. Morteza is also known for his extremely nice personality with the community that he’s in and the people he works with, most people
consider him as more of a friend than just another person they’re doing some work with. Morteza’s other very famous and well-known pages are; @couples.xy which is another relationships or couples page that he owns which has the main follower base of around 1 million followers, @learnclip is a 600k+ follower Instagram page that he has where he posts very useful and helpful content on there that helps people learn something new everyday, @thetrollsgram is also one of his huge pages with over 1.7 million followers where he posts memes and content that people are loyal to. Last but not least is his incredibly huge 4.3 million follower quotes page where he truly connects with his followers as the content posted out on this page really gets to his fanbase’s emotions. Morteza’s main personal Instagram page where you could reach him is @ygpmj and request a campaign, he is very friendly and easy to talk to, and most of all, the best to do business with.