Most costly new car ever: Bugatti sells for $19 million

The most costly new car at any point sold is a coincidental Bugatti luxury sports car that has gone for 16.7 million euros ($18.9 million).

“La Voiture Noire” — French for “The Black Car” — is a low-threw sports car with a colossal 16-cylinder engine and Bugatti’s trademark front grille.

The maker uncovered it at the Geneva auto show this week, and said Thursday that it had been sold at what it and industry specialists said was a record cost for a new car.

The identity of the purchaser was not uncovered, however the buzz encompassing the move will have polished Bugatti’s picture as a creator of luxury trophy cars.

Most expensive, the president of Volkswagen-owned Bugatti, stated: “The true form of luxury is individuality.”