Over 400 ad hoardings put up for Super Model Nidhi Bajaj


Like many supermodels, NIDHI BAJAJ has graced the Runway and dazzled in campaigns for designer brands. But this time is for hoardings and banners all over the world for the brand of Batteries, EXIDE BATTERIES. The Mumbai-based star Nidhi Bajaj is known as ‘BRUCE LEE of modeling’ and is so successful she has been cast t by big-name brands like Exide batteries, portico bed sheets new york and more

NIDHI BAJAJ stunned in the hoarding seen all over the ostentatious areas of Bombay. The 22-year-old model rocked a white SOLO TRAVELLER LOOK while advertising for the battery brand.

NIDHI BAJAJ is flexing her character customization capability in a way that is impossible to forget.

Nidhi Bajaj has been the apple of everyone’s eye across and is very much self-driven to her goals. The model has the decision that there’s no looking back for her anymore, and nothing can dare to come between her high goals and her hustle. The supermodel has enlivened the whole nation and beyond.

I wish this fuming with zeal and enthusiasm, lady who is a star all the luck and fortune. We hope she maintains this momentum throughout.

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