PBE Pluto is the happening thing of the music industry

A Navy veteran, PBE Pluto aka Brent Parker established a music duo with his brother Dekembi Parker(Kid Kembi). His singing is really versatile and he is having a huge fanbase but his recent launch made him even more admirable.

PBE Pluto’s latest sole with his brother “Drip Drip” has crossed over 200k views on their YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/qeH1d8430qU), over 150k cascades on Soundcloud and across-the-board they have over 20k monthly admirers on leading music application Spotify.com. PBE PLUTO has released a single called “SOAK UP THE DRIP” Which is now heating up on platforms like YouTube and more as is at nearly 200k on YouTube & 20k monthly listeners on Spotify and has brought MTV – USA top 10 hip hop charts on Spotify.

Their single “Get Low” reaped trending status on Spotify and Twitter. Inspired by the great acknowledgment of their fans, the duo undertook a mixtape called “DA Future” follow up single set to release off the mixtape labeled “Lil Mama”. Soak up the drip has been picked up on Sirius XM radio show Shady 45 by DJ superstar jay in New York.

Now being an ideal epitome that nothing can stop you if you have that fire in your belly and determination in your heart. He has won numerous hearts now it’s time to make his song even more. For his upcoming successful future, we wish him best.