Pokemon GO : Every latest event coming for February 2021

It is funny thing, given the endless wait for 2021 to at last show up, that its first month is almost finished. 2021 is definitely not an distant oasis nor a prompt festival, it’s simply a year that is presently completely in advancement. Better, somely, yet additionally wild and unpredictable in manners that few of would have anticipated, even given the year that was 2020.

However, they are here to discuss Pokemon GO, a leisure activity that makes somewhat of a stride back when things are very however cold as they seem to be in the upper east, yet which actually proceeds with a consistent clasp of occasions, strikes, and all that other stuff. We should investigate everything coming to Pokemon GO in February of 2020. There’s a great deal!

The information here is from the Pokemon GO Blog, which additionally has some additional information on 1 Pokecoin groups.


  • Team Rocket Shenanigans, February 2—February 7: Team Rocket is celebrating, according to the description, and it’s dependent upon us to sort out why. Whatever it will be, it will include getting some new Shadow Pokemon close by new Shiny Shadow Pokemon. Expect more Team Rocket Balloons and attacked stops, just as some Rocket-centered exploration.
  • Community Day, February 7: Roselia is at the center of attention this month, for somewhat of a rose theme. She’ll learn both Weather Ball and Bullet Seed when advanced during or as long as two hours after the event.
  • The Year of the Ox, February 9-Feberuary 14: They are getting another Lunar New Year event this year, with Red Pokemon appearing in bulk: Someone do anticipate Daramuka, in any event. The blog additionally guarantees a unique Mega-developed Pokemon, which someone are going to figure is something Ox-like, presumably Tauros.
  • Valentine’s Day, February 14-February 18: Pink Pokemon just as some new arrivals, as indicated by the blog. This is an ordinary occasion, however we’ll probably have at any rate one curve in there. There’s additionally a pink Pokémon-themed “Love Cup” in the Battle League from February 8-February 15.
  • Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto, February 20: They have had tickets in the shop for this eternity, however this is the event that finishes off the period of festivity.

Spotlight Hours:

  • February 2: Ekans, double XP for evolving Pokemon.
  • February 9: Miltank, double catch stardust.
  • February 16: Luvdisc, double catch XP.
  • February 23: Pikachu, double catch candy. Possibly a cap?

Legendary Raids:

Except if in any case determined, all attacks turn over at 10:00 AM

  • Raikou: January 31—February 4.
  • Suicune: February 4—February 9
  • Latias and Latios: February 9-February 20.
  • Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo: February 20 at 9:00 AM — March 1 at 8:00 AM.

Mega Raids:

  • Venusaur, ampharos, Houndoom: January 19—February 9
  • Pidgeot, Ampharos, and an amazement (presumably Tauros): February 9 — February 20
  • Venusaur, Charizard X, Charizard Y, Blastoise: February 20—March 1

Research Breakthrough Encounter: Snorlax is appearing in Research Breakthroughs consistently.

Other Updates: Pokestops and Gyms will begin to get picture displays instead of simply the one picture. We’re likewise getting programmed level-up screenshots and the capacity to select Legendary and Mythical Pokemon for mass transfer.