Products to People Author Ryan Bilodeau to Release Updated Marketing Book Next Year

A book by a veteran marketer Ryan Bilodeau shows small business owners how to leverage human psychology to grow and retain their customer base. And next year the book is getting a reboot based on recently published psychological studies.

Products to People: The Mechanics of Marketing by Ryan Bilodeau is a new take on an old endeavor: growing one’s small business. Now bakers, local mechanics and donut shop owners can learn how to leverage human psychology to better understand and market to potential customers. In the book Ryan Bilodeau focuses on four human qualities that render people more likely to buy a product. These realities should be considered, Bilodeau argues, when marketing one’s product to the masses.

Bilodeau’s intention in writing the book was to inform small business owners of the four modern realities of potential customers:

  • People Are Inattentive. Your marketing approach must account for this reality if your product is ever to gain the sustained interest of the public.
  • People Are Trendy.If your product is wrapped up in a popular movement or is related to a new product niche, then people are more likely to purchase it.
  • People Are Needy.People Are Needy. From Facebook friends to Twitter followers, people like to collect things. Why not convince people to collect your product as well?
  • People Are Tribal.People Are Tribal. People like to be part of causes or affiliated with organizations. If you can align your product with a brand or way of life, then you will have at your disposal a built-in customer base.

Stay tuned to the next iteration of Ryan Bilodeau’s book in 2021. In the mean time you can receive updates on his progress by going to his homepage.