Questions to Ask a Plumber in Darwin

When it comes to plumbing problems, they can very easily become overwhelming and require the help of a professional plumber. But unless you already have experience using a plumber in your area that you like and know is going to do an excellent job, it can be very hard knowing what plumber or company you can turn to. If this is the case, you are never going to want to just hire the first plumber that you come across. Rather, you should interview them to make sure that they are going to be the perfect plumber for your particular situation. Here are some factors that you are going to want to keep in mind whenever you are looking for a new plumber.

  • Only choose a licensed plumber contractor
  • Make sure that they can show you a current proof of insurance
  • Find out about their experience, the more the better
  • After the plumber analyzes your plumbing problem, they should be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate of the cost of the repairs
  • Ask about a satisfaction guarantee
  • Ask for a list of past customers for references

Once you have checked and made sure that Great Northern Plumbing Darwin has passed all of the above, it is now going to be time to ask them a few questions to make sure that you are going to get the best possible contractor for the job, who will be able to give you the best customer service and overall experience. On top of that, these questions are also going to prevent you from hiring the wrong plumber, something that has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars.

What’s the Cost Estimate for Fixing my Plumbing Problem?

If you are looking for a plumber and get a quote over the phone, you are going to want to be very skeptical about that particular plumber. If they are a good plumber, they are going to want to see what the problem is with their own eyes so that they can analyze the problem, as well as figure out what a more accurate price quote will be. Which, when it comes to the cost of the repair, good plumbers are always going to factor in the price for the materials within the quote.

Always Ask Who is going to be Doing the Work

If you are speaking with a plumber who is going to be using subcontractors or helpers to do the actual work, be sure that you ask about the types of credentials and experience that those people have. The last thing you want is for the person who is actually doing the repairs to have much less experience or training than the plumber that you are initially speaking with.

What is the Hourly Rate?

This is going to be something that you are going to want to clarify when you receive the estimate for your plumbing repairs. The last thing that you are going to want to happen is an unwelcome surprise fee once the job has been completed. So be sure that you find out if their hourly rate is fixed or per hour.