Radical plans that ventures and entrepreneurs should go with to be a success in the world – by Jaime Mantiega.

He is a magnificent multitalented personality who has recognized my great technology colossi like Spotify, Airlines, etc.

Jaime Manitiega is a cyberspace expert plus CEO and co-founder of TapTok news and Venkon Corp. Data is a thing that we millennials can’t live without and gentlemen like Jaime helps in assure that our data remains safe. The breakthrough invention of Jammie is TapTok, which is a modern and smarter route to network and customize the communication technologies between two firms or peoples. You can’t imagine what this great application curated by the great entrepreneur Jaime Mantiega is capable of. Some useful features of TapTok are-

Create, curate, and customize your contacts in just one tap.
Keep a track of what is the status of the contacts.
Above all, no app installation is needed.
This digital technology is gonna put the world upside down by forging a new and secure way of maintaining contacts. It is almost unbelievable how one person can create and revolutionize all such things together. But no doubts great personalities like him exist, who are working their heart out to simplify and secure the lives of human beings. A few pieces of golden advice for all the entrepreneurs to sustain security in their businesses are to Identity the right resources and put them in the right direction, limit data access to the workers as much as possible.

Jaime is personified in the field of technology not only by colleagues but the tech giants like Tesla, Shopify, Spotify, and United Airlines. Not only this his flight is ever impressive in the field of technology as his corporation like TapTok are a step ahead towards a secure space for everyone. He is a proud member of Forbes which is the union of established CEOs, CTOs, and technology executives. He is also going to enlighten other young minds by his brainstorming ideas in his meets at Forbes. Jaime is consistently striving to achieve his dream of a better and secure place for everyone, soon he will be written in golden words in the history of security on the internet.