Rishab Bhatt on how “Simple. Savr donates 40% of its ad revenue through UNICEF”

The internet is an empowering tool. Those who are able to see the power that it has unleashed and its potential that’s yet to be unearthed are the custodians of the future. The future, which is a mixed bag of possibilities, uncertainties, triumphs, and tribulations, belongs to humanity’s sturdiest shoulders – its youth.  20-year-old Rishab Bhatt is one such example. His free text and file-sharing website Simple.Savr is used by millions of netizens. And as a responsible company, it donates 40% of its ad revenue through UNICEF. Let’s see how Rishab combines his mission and passion.

Rishab is a citizen of Canada who had been “very interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Blockchain technology from a young age.” As a student of software engineering at Western University, he was introduced to the various developments that were taking place in the world of machines and machine learning. And it was during years in college that he had begun to understand the environmental issues surrounding species at risk, and water and wind pollution. He says, “The world opened up like an oyster and at the same time made me feel the responsibility I had towards it. I became sensitive to the needs of our environment, an aspect of life, that we share across the globe and felt driven to direct my energies to help build a better environment.”

With Simple.Savr, Rishab aims to do two things, “I hope to make people feel empowered by helping them take complete control over their finances. The other thing that I wish to do is help charities provide clean drinking water to every single person on earth. The mission may sound impossible as over 844 million people do not have access to safe drinking water. But I firmly believe that big changes require small steps. And one of our first steps has been co-ordinating with UNICEF to work towards it. And as a result, over 40% of our ad revenue is given back as a way of helping ones in need.”

Small steps make a big difference indeed. And with the young willing to take the baton of responsibility, a real change might even be possible in real-time. Here’s wishing Rishab good luck in his endeavor to help those in need get clean drinking water.