Sageer Nelliparamban in payment industry with Online Check Writer

Writing Checks is a part of every business today. However, what most people fail to realize is the amount of work and resources it takes to do the task manually. Not only is it tedious but it can also affect the overall productivity of the workers.

Sageer Nelliparamban is the CTO of an online platform, OnlineCheckWriter, that takes away the manual labor and offers a seamless way of managing Checks. With many years of experience in the field, Nelliparamban is responsible for the company’s development and growth.

Sageer has two master’s degrees from Melbourne University, Australia, and is currently working as a Senior Developer and Designer at Tyler Petroleum Inc. He has previously worked as a hardware support engineer and IT support intern, that has given him enough skills and experience to become an integral part of the OnlineCheckWriter team.

Nelliparamban overlooks the platform’s security, data, maintenance and the network. He is also responsible for implementing technical strategy and developing advanced policies to help the company grow and provide effective service to its customers. He ensures the sensitive data is kept secure and the customers are satisfied with the overall service.

Sageer Nelliparamban is an extremely accomplished developer with many years of experience that enables him to maintain and improve a platform that could solve the problem the world has been facing for several decades. OnlineCheckWriter can undoubtedly make the cheque writing process seamless, and Nelliparamban is a key player in making it successful.