Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Samsung eyes Galaxy Note 10 launch on Aug. 7 in New York

Samsung will show its Galaxy Note 10 during a showy Unpacked occasion on Aug. 7 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, as per individuals acquainted with the company’s plans. The setting is a similar spot the South Korean innovation mammoth launched the Note 9 last year.

Since the launch isn’t for two months, the company could change its plans. Samsung declined to comment.

The Note line doesn’t sell just as Samsung’s Galaxy S gadgets, however the wide screen phablet has an intense fan base. Presented in 2011, the first Note commenced the pattern toward greater shows on phones, a pattern that become the standard over the mobile industry. The size of the first Note’s screen – 5.3 inches – presently appears to be practically little contrasted with goliaths, such as the Note 9’s 6.4-inch display and the iPhone XS Max’s 6.5 inch-screen.

The Note 10 launch comes as Samsung and its rivals face a slower cell phone market. Costs for the most recent gadgets are expanding, yet highlights aren’t changing drastically from generation to generation. That implies we’re holding our phones longer than previously. The expectation is 5G and new designs like foldable phones could rejuvenate the cell phone industry.

Samsung’s response to the mobile malaise has been the Galaxy Fold, a phone that ventures into a tablet. The $1,980 gadget, the first major cell phone to fuse a foldable showcase, has faced hiccups since its announcement. Samsung initially planned to launch the phone April 26, but it delayed the Fold when the screens on some reviewers’ test phones broke. It hasn’t set a new sales date or explained what went wrong with some of the displays.