Sekiro: Streamer pulls off five-game, no-hit ‘Soulsborne’ run, directly before Sekiro launch

Twitch streamer The Happy Hob has been attempting to finish a no-hit, consecutive keep running of each of the five “Soulsborne” games — Bloodborne, Dark Souls 1-3, and Demon’s Souls — for months. He at last pulled it off this week following an about 18-hour playthrough of those five games, an accomplishment he’s been calling the “God Run.”

As per Hob’s purposeful guidelines for the God Run, in the event that he was hit by an adversary or trap anytime amid his playthrough, he would begin the entire five-diversion keep running without any preparation. (He could take purposeful harm from falling so as to deliberately bring down his health, be that as it may.) Hob came heartbreakingly close to finishing the God Run in February, when he was scandalously obstructed by the Demon’s Souls tutorial boss, Vanguard.

Early Thursday morning, Hob finished the five-diversion kept running by beating the Soulsborne recreations in a specific order: Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 3. In the wake of beating the last amusement’s last supervisor, Soul of Cinder, Hob shouted, “Soulsborne no-hit run! We did it!” He at that point burst into tears, embraced his pooch, and expressed gratitude toward his watchers and his better half to help his monthslong, controller-breaking mission to defeat the God Run.

Amid the initial segment of the last run, Hob confessed to being worried about his approaching due date to finish the God Run. Dull Souls and Bloodborne developer FromSoftware is going to discharge its new amusement, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, on Friday, March 22, and Hob intended to stream it on dispatch day. Fortunate for him, he pulled the masochistic playthrough on the eve of its discharge.

Obviously, Sekiro’s dispatch presently manages Hob the chance to concentrate on an extended, six-diversion God Run.

Beating Dark Souls recreations without getting hit has been The Happy Hob’s subject matter for a couple of years now. In 2016, when he was passing by The Happy Hobbit, he beat the original Dark Souls without taking a solitary hit. He at that point assumed the test of beating the whole Dark Souls set of three without being hit, an accomplishment he defeated in March 2018 in a 10-hour, consecutive run.