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Sergey Kartashov talks about why Cyprus is best for relocating IT companies



Sergey Kartashov, the CEO of Generation Partners, has a huge experience of working as head of an IT asset management company. He finds Cyprus as one of the best countries in the world for IT industry and believes it is also best for relocating IT companies, especially from Eastern Europe.

Factors that make a Country Attractive for Relocation

There are dozens of factors that make a country attractive to IT companies from all across the world. In recent years, Cyprus welcomed IT companies from Eastern Europe and various other parts of the world. According to Sergey Kartashov, the most important factors in this regard are tax policy, legislation, cost of living, infrastructure, and the existence of a developed IT community.

Based on these factors, countries are divided into various categories. The US, Lithuania, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, and Cyprus are among the most comfortable countries for IT. On the other hand, Poland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, and many others are in the second category. They provide a comfortable environment for IT. However, there are fewer facilities in these countries as compared to the countries present in the first category. Plus, some communities prefer particular places simply because they can find friends from their native country there and, therefore, can easier adapt to new conditions. This way, Cyprus has become the best destination for relocating IT companies, especially, for the companies based in Eastern Europe.

Tax Policy and IT Legislation in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the best countries in the world in terms of favorable IT tax policy and legislation. It is very simple to register a company on this island. “The most famous benefit of Cyprus in the world is the flexible taxation system and the implemented IP-Box regime,” says Sergey Kartashov. It offers the lowest corporate tax rate on net income, 12.5%, in the world. The companies only have to pay the Value Added Tax (VAT) of 19% if they sell a product or service to an EU resident. However, there is no VAT if the purchaser is a non-EU resident.

Other Benefits offered by Cyprus to IT Companies

It is very easy to reach the island from any other country located in Eastern Europe. The average flight time from any Eastern European county to Larnaca or Nicosia is less than three hours. Similarly, the flight timing from the island to any other EU country is the same as for Eastern European countries. “It allows the company’s management and its employees to quickly get home and also to other countries to resolve business issues,” notes Sergey Kartashov.

The relocation of foreign companies to Cyprus injected huge money into the economy of the island. It is helping to actively develop its infrastructure to improve facilities for the IT companies. The local real estate market is developing continuously over time. The residential and office rent costs here are very low as compared to other countries. A two-bedroom apartment costs $1300-$1400 per month in the center of the city. The island also has affordable health and schooling facilities for those who come here with their families. Last but not least, Cyprus has a great community of IT developers. It is famous for having a community of game developers and Russian-speaking developers.

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Kuo: Apple to declare latest MacBook with Mini-LED display in mid-2022



Apple was dealing with another upgraded MacBook Air for 2022, yet he wasn’t explicit about the timetable. Presently Kuo claims that this reputed PC will be authoritatively presented at some point in mid-2022, which could show an April discharge very much like the 2021 iMac or even at WWDC in June.

The investigator additionally emphasizes his prior note about the Mini-LED show going to the cutting edge MacBook Air, however this time Kuo said that it will include a 13.3-inch screen. This recommends that in spite of the new innovation, the presentation will continue as before size as the current age. Mac is reputed to receive a 14-inch show for the new MacBook Pro, however it appears to be that the organization will save it for its more costly laptops.

For those new, Mini-LED depends on great many minuscule LEDs in the backdrop illumination, which brings about higher differentiation proportions and more profound blacks, like OLED.

As indicated by the report, the new MacBook Air will likewise highlight a redesigned Apple Silicon chip. Recently, a leaker uncovered that the new MacBook Air will be the principal Mac with a M2 chip, while the MacBook Pro to be presented in the not so distant future will accompany M1X — an updated variant of M1 with better graphics.

We expect Apple to release a new MacBook Air around the middle of 2022 with a 13.3-inch mini LED display. If the component shortage continues to improve in 2022, it will benefit from the new MacBook Air and Apple Silicon upgrades.

Bits of gossip likewise propose that the MacBook Air will get a significant update one year from now, just as the cutting edge MacBook Pro in the not so distant future. The MacBook Air setup, in any case, is relied upon to be accessible in numerous colors.

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Microsoft Edge is killing off one of the bad things about being online



Attempting to find irritating auto play music or video when browsing the internet could before long be a relic of times gone by because of a new update to Microsoft Edge.

The program is working away at an instrument that will at last permit clients to stop auto playing media when on the web, in news that will be a help to millions.

As per a section in the Microsoft 365 guide, Microsoft Edge version 92 will remember the choice to change the default entry for permitting auto playing media in the browser.

So long autoplay

“To help you maintain your focus online, we have changed the default for auto playing media to Limit from Allow, beginning with Microsoft Edge version 92,” Microsoft noted in its release notes.

The feature is recorded as carrying out now, and due to be finished before the finish of July 2021. Clients on Microsoft Edge beta channel will see the option for the new tool first, before a more wider roll out later on.

Microsoft Edge as of now offers two options for clients to control media autoplay – “Allow” (the current default setting), where all videos on a website will play consequently with sound, and “Limit”, where media will not be autoplayed on sites that a client has recently visited.

The capacity to prevent media from auto playing has been available in Google Chrome for quite a while, with the new update the most recent from Microsoft Edge as the organization hopes to take clients to its program.

Ongoing information from Statcounter shows that Edge has now surpassed set up rival Firefox in the rankings to run second behind Chrome in the program wars.

Figures for June propose Microsoft Edge presently holds 3.4% of the browser market, while Firefox has slipped to 3.29%, proceeding with a descending direction that has seen the program either lose or keep up with piece of the pie in ten of the most recent a year.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Microsoft has conveyed a host of upgrades for the browser, including a safe secret word generator, in-constructed secure password generator, in-built price comparison tool, vertical tab bar and more.

In the hood, the organization endeavored to work on the speed and responsiveness of the program too with features like sleeping tabs and start-up boost, the two of which are intended to optimize asset utilization.

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‘Gmail Go’ to reach an impressive 500 million downloads over on the Google Play Store



The super lightweight Gmail Go has figured out how to arrive at a impressive 500 million downloads over on the Google Play Store.

While Android Go-powered cell phones make up a fairly small portion of the general market, the lighter application’s plan for limited hardware has become unbelievably mainstream it appears. At first spotted by the group at Android Police, Gmail Go has joined a world class team of Google applications to try and accomplish 500 million downloads over on the Play Store.

In the event that you didn’t realize most Android Go applications are simply repackaged Chrome tabs, adequately being Progressive Web Apps as opposed to completely fledged applications. Along these lines, it’s an unquestionably lightweight download at under 10MB, however this implies that specific highlights are not accessible, and Gmail Go is the same. The new Workspace integration is missing, and you can’t really download the application straightforwardly from the Play Store in the event that you have a gadget with 2GB+ RAM — requiring the APK file to be sideloaded.

The UI is a throwback to the first Material Design, yet there is no dark theme available. As you would anticipate, performance, even on an powerful device, can be somewhat deficient. Since it’s genuinely sluggish, it’s truly difficult to suggest anybody with a gadget equipped for running the full Gmail application even trouble downloading Gmail Go. From numerous points of view, you’re most likely good getting to Gmail by means of a Chrome tab assuming you need a lighter encounter on a newer/capable device.

Given the limitations, the download figure is expanded because of Gmail Go coming pre-introduced on Android Go handsets, however all things being equal, it’s a great achievement for the platform.

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