Shantell Valcin – A Model Turned Businesswoman

Shantell Valcin has touched new heights of popularity and fame within such a short time. She is running a Shopify store named FineFem. Entrepreneurs are contributors to any economy; they create jobs and support the business by taking initiatives. They are the people with the capability to improve the current and future with their skills and ambitions. They explore new ideas, work on them and execute them in the market.

Shantell is a Miami based model turned entrepreneur sharing her experiences with the public and how she started all this.

Shantell Valcin

Her identity is associated with a company as Finefem, and she is very popular on Instagram. The model celebrates her success with her fans and stuns everyone with colorful photos of her. She maintains an excellent public image and does great business online. Valcin is as yet nearly turning into the most demanding model and business person in this year. With numerous models labeled voiceless, Shantell Valcin is the one among them who did the opposite.

She’s an active and blunt business person and web-based media influencer. Across 13 web-based media destinations, Valcin has received massive supporters and wants nothing other than utilizing her notoriety for positive change. Shantell ties in with turning into a good example and making both youthful and prepared models an ideal and more joyful climate for the business.

What’s Your Accomplishment in Your Career?

My most prominent achievement has been moving on from school despite the way that when I was a child, a specialist proposed to my mother that I wouldn’t have the option to endure the school year’s remainder. I surmise the “specialists” aren’t in every case right. Everyone should believe their abilities.

What legacy would you like to leave behind for yourself?

I expect my wisdom will be fruitful for the people, guiding them for their future. I need to leave them to extreme bliss. I need to abandon a superior tomorrow. I have a tattoo behind me that says tomorrow will be diverse, which has a ton to do with my wisdom. People can take advantage of my experiences and manage to stay on the top despite all hardships.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, I might want to see myself driving a group of devoted and persuaded individuals. I might want to develop as an individual, both expert and individual. I see myself being fruitful on a mountain property with my family that I’ve generally needed.

She is a great transformer, highly skillful, and has the business intelligence to take any venture to the top. She is competing with international brands and has been launching her own product line for the fashion line consumers.

Learn more about her and follow her on Instagram : @finefem