Simon Leviev shares his predictions about the real estate sector post COVID-19

An orthodox upbringing, a rabbi for a father, a dream to own the world, and the challenges overcome to get there – these are all the makings of a hero’s journey. Here, trials and tribulations abound, and for those who persevere, so too the rewards. Where the mythological hero fights dragons, the mortal one fights the self and society.  The ones who live to tell the tale spin yarns as unique and dynamic as their own personalities. 29-year-old Simon Leviev has one such story to tell. His journey to the top of the real estate pyramid has made him an international expert. In this article, he shares his insights on the real state of the real estate industry amidst COVID-19.


Leviev does not mince words when he says, “The pandemic has hit the real estate industry hard. This has created a level of uncertainty among people. It’s tougher now to make forecasts since the pandemic has also created a slump in the economy.” Leviev, who has welcomed and embraced risks, suggests to take it slow as this is “a crisis which is yet to be fully understood in its impact and the changes that it has and will bring about. Use your time to study the history of the industry, look for trends that prevailed, and ones that didn’t every time a major crisis occurred.” This strategy he believes will “not only help you cope better with the quarantine but also provide research material that will come in handy and put you in the lead.”


Leviev’s strategy is to let uncertainties guide you towards clarity rather than despair. But most of all, he advises clients, and subordinates, to track the movement of the world, so to speak, in the digital space. “The pandemic caused a spectacular increase in online shopping. As businesses grow online, they might be driven to open offline stores. Keep an eye out for such trends, as they have the potential to turn things around.”


The real estate industry can take inspiration from the digital arena as well. In fact, according to Leviev, those who do so “will stay ahead of the curve. Understand how stories, connections, and empathy have been fundamental to the popularity of the digital space. Hone your business’ communication and let your clients know that you understand that times are changing, that they have battled and survived and so have you.”


Leviev’s tremendous success results from hard work and the ability to understand the nuances of human behavior. COVID-19, he believes, has given us the time to re-evaluate how to do business in a humane way.