SnewJ on Instagram

Digital Creator SnewJ has been making a name for himself for a while now, building a massive organic fanbase of over 141,000 at the time of this article.

From taking aesthetic selfies next to Lamborghinis to flexing his fit tatted body, he has no limits to what he can do. Let alone the fact that he has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, where you can see him featured on episodes.

He has just recently gone skydiving for his first time, and well… you have to see the video to see what happened. I won’t spoil the fun!

He also has a video that went viral on Instagram titled “Ignoring my girlfriend for 24 hours” his content is packed with corner bending suspense and dramatic situations “what would you do?” Kind of moments.

If you’re interested in contacting SnewJ for business or inquiries his contact email can be found on his Instagram, but make sure you leave him a follow for daily content as well!