Social Media and Coronavirus – with Salem Alhajri

Salem Alhajri

How are you dealing with Corona Crisis? Where are you now?

During this crisis, I am in Kuwait and staying at home. I am trying to deal with it in the best way I could where I follow the country’s rules and regulations by staying healthy, safe and maintaining social distancing.

Given the Quarantine, how are you developing yourself and skills?

I have bought new camera gear to try to up my game and enhance my skills. I’ve been playing around with it, and watching so many YouTube videos to work on being a better skilled photographer. I am also working on other skills like languages. Ive been failing tests but still working on it hard.

Given the Quarantine, how are you using your social media?

I continue to post on my social media to try to inspire and entertain people during the quarantine. I’m also doing editing tutorials to help people get more creative and utilize their time

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