Spend Energy While Saving Some Energy – EligoEnergy

Ohio State University introduces a new way to exercise! The university has developed an innovation to give a healthy spend of your energy while also lessening electrical consumption. Undergraduate Student Government Chief of Staff, Zayn Dweik expressed in an interview about their investment in a company named Sports Art which is based in Washington. The USG partnered with the company on the year 2018 to have essential gym equipments such as treadmills, stationary bikes and ellipticals made for their school gym.

Zayn also stated the importance of having to make a difference while also maintaining your own physical fitness. He also stated in the interview that avid gym goers should also be encouraged to share this innovation to their friends and colleagues to better educate people on the importance of reducing electrical consumption.

The USG Chief of Staff also said that this is only a first small but significant step towards a bigger goal. He mentioned that the ultimate plan was to have all equipments in the gym be responsible in powering the entire facility.  He further stated that having gathered several leaders from different areas of expertise, it is only valuable to focus more on sustainable fitness.

Meanwhile, a company in Ohio as well envisions the same goal with Zayn by also bringing lower electricity rates to power buyers. Eligo Energy’s key is to directly purchase energy from exchanges and skip passing through middlemen. This offers a big opportunity to power buyers in the sense that once cost is lessened, people will also be inspired to save more by using energy wisely.

This Ohio energy rate saving company offers up to 20% savings for residents of Ohio as soon as sign up and quotation is completed. The company also provides transparency and shows the delivery and supply process as well as providing free quotes to interested individuals and companies alike.   

Eligo Energy engages freely in efficient purchasing of electricity in the open market. This way, consumers may just liken the company to a discount club for energy purchases. Individuals and companies are encouraged to sign up and get a free quotation and be made aware of how much money can be saved by just choosing the right sellers of energy!

Eligo Energy goes hand in hand with your local energy delivery company and bills may still be the same! However, you will see that rates will change significantly!