Starting From Scratch: Why Your Limits Don’t Matter – with Frankie Quiroz

Quiroz started from virtually nothing, but he knew he wanted to be a success. He was born in a small town in Riverside, California, to working-class parents who often struggled to make ends meet. However, he was determined to be independent, and so he started working at a young age. Like any other young person, he started from the bottom, working as a designer for anything from apparel to mixtape covers until his designs caught the eye of famous rap celebrities who were also producing their merchandise. He took all of these opportunities to work to invest in his clothing brand and street team.

Any advice to others that want to pursue a similar career?

Yes, the industry you pick is everything. The difference between a 1million dollar company and a 10 million dollar is the product you sell and who you sell it too. Make sure you pick the right product with deep pocket customers.

What started your eCommerce journey?

I didn’t grow up with a lot and I wanted a lot. I needed to create a life for myself and help my parents out financially. Entrepreneurship was the only option for me growing up. The only way I was going to help the people I cared about.

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