Stelian Balta Talks About His Company’s Expansion Plans

Projects in the decentralized financial industry have been gaining serious traction being an alternative to traditional financing without the need for banks or other classic financial intermediary to be involved. Witnessing the new trend, HyperChain Capital, the firm led by the serial entrepreneur Stelian Balta announces their plans to increase investments in innovative DeFi projects.

There has been a significant growth in the decentralized finance segment of the blockchain over the past two months and it is expected to continue. Since the end of August 2020, the total value locked in DeFi space has increased from approximately $8 billion to nearly $10.78 billion.

Founder and CEO Stelian Balta, who’s been recently featured in the Entrepreneur magazine, began his impressive career investing in blockchain technologies, after leaving the games industry. “DeFi is the fastest growing segment that’s using the blockchain. We continue to look to invest in these innovative technologies and projects. There are several new platforms evolving, especially the promising ones like Fantom Finance. Now it has become one of the most interesting DeFi projects in the industry,” explains Stelian, about the new trend.