Steps to know the size of our reducing and shaping girdles

Steps to know the size of our reducing and shaping girdles

Tips to look amazing with a girdle when walking:

  1. Wear your girdle in the correct size, so that it is even more imperceptible and so that all that security dazzles when walking.
  2. Wear clothes that suit your style and where you want to go by wearing a girdle.
  3. Define your favorite color to wear in clothes, take advantage of your skin tone.
  4. Don’t forget feminine details like hair, your hands, and accessories.
  5. Accept your body as it is, you are beautiful and no one doubts otherwise.
  6. Proudly show your genuine desire to define your curves, wearing shapewear slimming bodysuit is no longer a secret.
  7. Walk sure of yourself, not so that others notice it but because you really feel it. Nobody but you defines who you are.

Confident women know their size in reducing and shaping girdles

Using Colombian shaping girdles is much easier than you might imagine, and it also brings great benefits. But choosing it requires that you first define what use you will give it and the results you want to obtain, since there are different levels of compression to adapt to each need. 

There are low compression girdles that mold slightly, medium compression girdles that hide the rolls and reaffirm the figure considerably; and the high compression girdles that are generally used to regain the figure after being pregnant or after cosmetic surgery.

An important fact according to the experts in compression products at Shapes Secrets is that in reducing and shaping girdles the compression will depend on the brand you choose, the material and the design. So to choose the perfect girdle for you

How do I know my correct shapewear size?

Using reducing and shaping girdles has never caused me any discomfort, in addition the security and freedom that I feel with them has no comparison; What is certain is that the comfort that we transmit by wearing a Colombian shaping girdle is based on  plus size waist trainer choosing the ideal size that does not bother and does not mark our figure.

Below you can also find these steps in more detail: 

  1. Stand in front of the mirror, although it is not necessary that will help you to visualize well the shape of your body and the parts that you most want to shape.
  2. Take the exact measurement of your waist, use a tape measure to completely surround it as if it were a belt but above the navel and below your ribs.
  3. With the same tape measure the contour of your hips, surround its entire circumference taking into account the widest part of your buttocks.
  4. Take note of all the measurements.
  5. Now on our website, look for the garment you selected and in its description you will find the table of measurements that corresponds to it.
  6. Using the above data, compare the measurements. 
  7. If you are between 2 sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one.

In these measurement tables, you can also check your size with your height and body weight, but it is your waist measurement that will help us to have the precise size for you.

In the same way, another good method to ensure the size of your girdle is to choose a size larger than the one you wear with a dress, that is, if you are a size M dress, you can buy your compression girdle in size L, so you mold your body , hide the flaccidity and get a wonderful figure, without any discomfort or discomfort at the time of use  black friday stores at FeelinGirl.

Disadvantages of wearing reducing girdles that are not your size

Our Colombian reducing girdles are made of materials suitable for contact with the skin, designed to shape the body without causing discomfort and, most importantly, they are not noticeable under clothing! 

A girdle smaller than your size will not make you look thinner but it can be harmful, take into account the following effects that can be caused:

  • Trouble going to the bathroom regularly.
  • Re duce mobility.
  • You develop deficiency when breathing.
  • The internal organs when feeling compressed can alter their normal functions.
  • Produce gastric gases that cause pain.
  • Food will not be processed in the correct way.
  • Nerves can be compressed.

So better to prevent discomfort and as self-confident women, let’s live our curves with the correct girdle that we like the most, made to make us feel free and fresh, that the compression is only noticeable to make you look even more beautiful.