The Advantages of Polarizing Sunglasses

Polarizing lenses are based on the principle of polarization of light. The light is collated into the same direction and enters the eye. It can filter out glare caused by various factors such as reflection, diffusion, and scattering, and make the surrounding scenes look clear without glare.

The polarizing angle and radian of the lens also need to be professionally designed and processed, so that the wearer will not feel the distortion and the dizziness of the scene. Another outstanding advantage is that it is extremely lightweight, thin and impact resistant. It is easy and comfortable to wear. This kind of lens is very suitable for driving and outdoor activities, and has been favored by the general public in recent years.

The two outermost layers are wear-resistant layers, the second and sixth layers are anti-shattering and strengthening layers, the third and fifth layers are ultraviolet filter layers, and the middlemost layer is a polarizing film filter layer, which can effectively filter out glare and harmful ultraviolet rays.

Generally, more than half of the natural light is filtered when passing through polarized film filter. If you add coloration, the isolation effect is stronger. It is usually used for photographers, snow, mountaineering, fishing, water sports, motorists, etc.

Fishing anglers like to wear polarized sunglasses because it has the function of filtering polarized light. When wearing it for fishing, you can clearly see the buoys and fish in shallow waters without being affected by water reflections. In the summer, under strong sunlight or on the beach, choose dark-colored lenses (such as brown, greenish gray, etc.) to feel more comfortable.

Sun glare and polarized sunglasses are also suitable for long-distance driving. The polarizer is made according to the principle of polarization of light, and has a special function of effectively eliminating glare, filtering cluttered light, and improving the driver’s vision. To make the distance better, brown and brown polarized sunglasses are the best choice for drivers!

Friends who love outdoor leisure travel also have a special preference for polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are composed of a balanced array of crystals. This structure allows only light waves that are balanced by the crystal to pass through, and light waves that shake to other angles are all blocked.

If the angle of the polarizer is adjusted, the polarized light reflected from the water surface, glass, flowers, water and gas can be blocked, and normal light can be partially passed, thereby enhancing the contrast, reducing reflections, enhancing the color of the scene, and reducing atmospheric fog. The effect of the phenomenon allows you to see the clarity of the world, but also a colorful world, bluer sky, and rich and beautiful nature.

Experts advise that you must not wear sunglasses when the road surface is not well lit at night. When driving into a tunnel with poor lighting during the day, you should also take off your glasses in time.