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The Art Of Observation: Learning To See With Majed Veysel



The process of observing something or someone in order to gain value out of it is called Observation. Everyone considers themselves as a good observer because they confusing observing and seeing. There is a lot of difference between these two subjects. Observing’s is much more than just seeing. It is also a mental process. If we start observing things without judging them then we can have a clearer perspective on life.

It’s a very powerful and underrated tool for planning your journey. If you consider yourself as an observer then your main aim should be to discriminate between what’s relevant and what’s irrelevant. There are only very few people that are good at observing things and those who are good at it, always focus on the present rather than wasting their time thinking about the past or the future. This is because it is the only time period where you are fully aware of things that are happening around you.

Being a good observer can help people to improve themselves, compete with others, be more empathetic towards the people around them. Many geniuses in past have used this power of observation to succeed in life but in the time that we live in, not a lot of people use this power. Today, we will be talking about Majed Veysel who has mastered the art of Observation to succeed in life. We will be also sharing some tips that you can use to become a good observer. Let’s get started.

Majed Veysel is an incredibly talented architect, photographer and Designer. He has become famous on the internet because of his stupefying photography skills. He clicks pictures of architectural structures and then he uploads them to his Instagram account after turning them into black and white photographs. Majed thinks that it is very important for a photographer to have good observation skills. The art of observation has helped him to observe his surroundings and also the small details that are there in the surroundings.

You can clearly see the result of good observation skills by checking out Majed’s Instagram profile. All of his artworks have great detail and deep meaning to them. For example, look at this photograph of Abdulmecit Efendi Köşkü a historical landmark in Istanbul, turkey.

Observe the number of small details that are there in this picture. If you observe carefully, you will be able to conclude that most people are busy clicking photographs for social media rather than actually enjoying the experience of visiting this historical place. The composition of the picture is also just perfect.

Also, take a look at this picture of a staircase of Abud Efendi Konağı building that Majed uploaded on his Instagram handle.

You can clearly notice the small details, shadows and perfect angle. This concludes that photographs must have a deep meaning so that people admire them and good observation is necessary for an artist to add depth to his/her art. Now, let us take a look at some tips that you can use to become a pro at the art of observation just like Majed!

#1 Start being more curious: For good observation, it is important for people to have a bit of curiosity about everything that they see. This forces them to observe those things with the goal to understand their significance.

#2 Be Silent- You should always stay silent so that you can observe the words that other people say. This will help you to understand their perspective and motive.

#3 Ask more questions to yourself- Another thing that you can do to be a good observer is to ask more “Why” questions to your own self. This way, you will be forced to observe things to find the answers to these questions.

If you follow these tips then you can probably be a good observer just like Majed Veysel. His observation skills have helped him to get a lot of fame on Instagram and other social media platforms. We wish him all the best for the future.

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Since the past year we have seen many so-called “online prophets” rising from all over the globe to establish their ministries online. In this outbreak of prophets, we have seen many of their controversial gimmicks starting as small as showing off expensive clothing brands and their lavish lifestyles for all their followers to see (some of which are not really theirs), and ending as big as faking miracles of raising people from the dead or having a telephone conversation with God Himself.

It is safe to say we have seen all kinds of attempts at fame – so in this article we will be taking a close look at South African-based Cameroonian pastor – Apostle JP M Dinayen, founder of Dinayen TV and FOC Prophetic & Deliverance ministries – Could he be part of these “gimmick pastors” or could he be a beacon of hope for us that there are still true Men of God out there…

With allegedly 11 years of being in SA, the self-proclaimed “Apostle of Power” has had many well-publicised achievements in his ministry, which attracted both multitudes of followers and many adversaries. To mention a few of his alleged achievements, it is said that he is philanthropist by nature – allocating not less than hundreds of thousands (in US Dollars) of his ministry earnings to his charity department. But could this really be because he is passionate about helping the poor or is it just another media stunt to look good? We will leave that for you to decide..

It is also said that he is well-known for empowering the youth, according to a recent public statement made by his wife Prophetess Nam Dinayen. She also added that a month does not go by without the Apostle donating funds to more than 12 families. Could it be that he loves the poor that much? Or is it a way to win the public over? Again, we will leave that for you to decide…

After an analysis of his lifestyle, our team found that the pastor is quite well-off, driving a latest Range Rover Sport with a classic Mercedes Benz C-Class and living in a world class estate, our doubts about him began to increase. Where could the money to fund these expensive assets be coming from? Some say he is also a businessman, some say he is a forex trader, some say this is money made from the church but the main question is: what do you say?

He is very controversial on social media popularly known as the “Gucci prophet” with many picture dressed in luxurious brands. He has also been highly ridiculed for his controversial haircuts – with many saying no pastor should cut their hair like he does.

With all this information at hand – ripped jeans, expensive cars, strange haircuts, flashy houses; would you say Apostle JP M Dinayen is a true Man of God or just another social media celebrity?

Feel free to drop your comments below and let us know what’s your take on Apostle JP M Dinayen

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‘Jeopardy!’ taps former champion Buzzy Cohen as guest host for ‘Tournament of Champions’ in next month



Previous “Risk!” champion Buzzy Cohen has been tapped to guest host the show’s upcoming Tournament of Champions.

The fan-favorite winner of 2016 who proceeded to win the following year’s tournament will take over guest-hosting duties as a feature of the growing roster of guests getting behind the podium to fill in for the late Alex Trebek, who passed on at age 80 after a protracted fight with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

As per People, Cohen will guest host the show beginning May 17 through the 28th and direct the tournament that will see returning champions compete against champions compete against to see who is the best “Jeopardy!” player among them.

The outlet reports that Cohen’s extended role on the show implies he’ll be working intimately with writers and producers and therefore disqualified himself from showing up as a “Jeopardy!” contestant in the future. Luckily, Cohen has effectively substantiated himself on the famous game show’s stage multiple times.

“Buzzy has been where each of these champions is, so it’ll be comforting for the contestants to see a familiar face behind the lectern,” “Jeopardy!” executive producer Mike Richards told the outlet in a statement. “We will miss seeing him compete, but we look forward to seeing how he uses his quick wit and personality as guest host.”

This year, 15 past winners will go head-to-head for the tournament’s grand prize of $250,000 that will be matched and donated to the Hope of the Valley Trebek Center for the Homeless, an office named after the long-lasting host of the show that helps vagrants through different charitable services.

Right now, NFL star Aaron Rodgers is acting as guest host of “Jeopardy!” yet he’ll need to hang up his hosting cap soon to clear a path for an alternate guest judge. In any case, Rodgers recently indicated that he’d take the necessary steps to be made the lasting host of the competition show.

Up until this point, however, the popular game show has not declared any plans to install a permanent host, picking rather to continue to welcome on celebrity guests. In any case, fans as of late appealed to for “Reading Rainbow” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor Levar Burton to take on the job.

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Looking For Songs To Obsess Over? Nazara From Ahmad Rubani Is The Perfect Choice



Song is a daily part of almost every ones life, they listen to it while going somewhere, partying vibing with their best friend or their significant other, studying, and so on. It is so important that now music artists are rising as important people who contribute to shaping the minds of the younger generations. Though it influences the older ones too, the present generation focuses more on it like wet clay. There is a great essence in good songs because it becomes a daily part of your life without you even realising it. Ahmad Rubani is a talented artist because his songs are not only relatable but also products of years of experience.

Ahmad was only a kid when his father used to sing to him. It never really left and soon he was the one who adopted the same habit. Realising that he was indeed talented with an outstanding voice, Ahmad made a firm decision to continue as a music artist. He was a natural, and soon he learned something about lyrics to continue further.

For as long as he can recall, Ahmad has wanted to make people happy with his songs. He believes that negativity is a big factor to pull you down but if you want to achieve something in life, one must learn to keep away the discouraging words people say and embrace the support your family and friends provide you with since these things are the biggest assets. One of his biggest achievements is travelling to places like Holland, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia full form in front of thousands of people.

Not every music Artist is down to earth. Ahmad Rubani on the other hand is humble and glad that his fans support his work, he would have been nowhere without them. He has a well thought out idea about how he can perform at a global level. You can relate to his songs and keep listening to it over a loop yet you won’t be bored of it, that’s the magic of his voice.

His positive attitude towards life often leaves people baffled. How does a man stay calm after having a lot of pressure from the industry? Passion. Ahmad Rubani does not perform for the events to earn all the time, he does it simply out of pure passion. He wants to sing his heart our, feel the words and comprehend the meaning through his skills. This is clearly visible at all times. His song Nazara is one great example why he is rising in popularity so soon. Hum Rubani’s songs and sing away your troubles!

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