The Five Types of Towels You Should Know

The handkerchief is not enough for removing the sweat of your body. It would help if you had something big, like the towel. The towel is useful in a lot of scenarios. Soft towel is what you need for better skincare. The soft and plush towel will keep you skin smooth. It won’t damage your sensitive skin. After taking a bath, you need the towel. After having an intense gym workout, you need a towel. To clean your face after a face wash, you need a towel. You cannot ignore the importance of the towel.

Different types of towels have different uses. Here, you’ll learn more about the five types of towels. Each towel is used for a different purpose. It’s essential to learn about the uses of sheets for better hygiene.

Five Types of Towels

You may only know the bath towels and the hand towels. But there are a ton of variety in the sheets. Here, you’ll know more about the five types of towels that you will find in the market. Choose wisely from the available variety and various kinds of towels online.

1.     Hand Towel

Hand Towel is a pretty common type of towel around the world. We use the Hand towels for washing and wiping the hands. You’ll find the hand towels almost all around the world. In some countries, the hand towel is referred to as the Napkin. The hand towel can be used to wipe the face, but it has to be a large size hand towel.

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2.     Face Towel

The face towel has the utmost importance in the beauty industry. The beauticians prefer using specialized face towels for wiping the face. As the face suffers a lot of damage from rough towels, it is advised to use the dedicated face towel. The face towel prevents any damage to sensitive facial skin. Thus, giving you the beautiful smooth skin.

3.     Gym Towel

You shed a lot of sweat in the gym while working out. It is always better to take your towel to the gym to avoid hygiene issues. The gym towels are specialized towels, which have good sweat absorbing capacity. It is smaller than the bath towel. But, it is bigger than the face towel. As it is excellent for absorbing sweat, you’ll find useful while working out.

4.     Bath Towel

Oho! Bath Towel is the most common type of towel you use daily. The everyday bath towels do come in a lot of variety. The most common we use is made of cotton. A bath towel is used after taking a bath, to wipe the moisture off our body. Some cheap brands offer cotton and other material mixed towels. They are not suitable for our body skin. That’s why you should prefer only cotton bath towels.

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5.     Bath Sheets

The bath towel and bath sheets have only one difference. The bath sheets are larger. You can wrap your entire body in the bath sheets. A six-foot-tall person can fully wrap himself in the bath sheet. It is usually made of cotton. If you are a short guy, then it won’t be a suitable purchase for your needs.

It would help if you had a towel on every aspect of personal hygiene. It would help if you had a towel after taking a soothing bath. It would be best if you had a towel after having a clean shave. It would help if you had a towel after having a hard workout at the gym. You don’t want to live a life without a towel. With Porticoindia’s latest Bath Towels collection, you’ll love to use the towels. Please keep checking our website for new varieties of premium bath towels that you’ll like a lot.

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