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The GAFM Global Academy has Recognized Select Coursera Courses as a Path to Professional Certification and Designations



The Board of Standards will allow graduates to register for professional certifications.  Graduates of select Courser courses will be able to apply directly to for certifications.

About the GAFM Board of Standards  – The Board of Standards is the 1st US Certification body to be TUV Accredited and ISO Certified 29990 for Training & ISO 9001 Certified.  The IP-Intellectual Property Certifications can be licensed to qualified graduates.  The Board is a 20-year-old “Vendor Neutral” Certification body that specializes in certifications in: 1) Project Management 2) Finance Analysts and Financial Planning 3) Human Resources 4) Economics 5) Risk Management 6) Accounting 7) Management Consulting 8)  Wealth Management and Trust/Estates 9) Marketing and e-Marketing

Accredited MOOC Certification – The Board has successfully identified courses from Coursera

 Examples of Pilot Coursera Certification– Here are 8 Courses that would be Accredited for Certification.

  1. Take the Coursera Intro to Project Management to earn CIPM Certified International Project Manager ® Certification – Thousands may be currently enrolled who would like certification or credential.
  2. Take This Strategic Management Course from Copenhagen Business School to become eligible for MMC Master Management Consultant® Certification – Thousands may be currently enrolled who would like certification or credential.
  3. Take this Financial Analysis Course from Univ. Melbourne to earn the AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ® Certification –  – Thousands may be currently enrolled who would like certification or credential.
  4. Take this University of California Project Management Course to earn MPM Master Project Manager ® Certification –  –  Thousands may be currently enrolled who would like certification or credential.
  5. Take the Columbia Economics Money and Banking Course to earn the ChE Chartered Economist ®   Certification – Thousands may be currently enrolled who would like certification or credential.
  6. Take this Digital Marketing Course to become certified as a CMA Certified Marketing Analyst™ Certification –  Thousands may be currently enrolled who would like certification or credential.
  7. Take the UVA Managerial Accounting Course to earn AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®  * Thousands may be currently enrolled who would like certification or credential.
  8. Take this University of Geneva course to become a CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®   **** Thousands may be currently enrolled who would like certification or credential.


  1. After registering for certification, the certified member could use the Credential after their name: Example: John Lee, AFA Accredited Financial Manager ® or Chris Lee, MPM Master Project Manager ®
  2. Our Certification Program is accredited by the TUV in Europe and ISO Certified for 29990 and 9001.
  3. Our Certification Body is in mutual recognition with the ACBSP Accreditation Agency and a Standards agreement with the CHEA Council on Higher Education.

Accreditation and Registration

  • Please Register after completing your MOOC Course Listed Above at
  • Go to the GAFM website, contact us with your course completion digital certificate, and you will become eligible to register for certification. Email to [email protected]
  • The Board of Standards is the only US Certification body to have certification legal agreements on standards with the ACBSP Accreditation Agency, The Arab Academy of the Arab League, The CHEA QG, along with having Accreditation from the TUV in the EU which is not subject to BREXIT.

Disclaimer:  Some courses have a fee and some may even be free.  Some courses and providers offer excellent subscription programs for great prices. Those who successfully complete a course may apply for certification after showing good-faith completion of the requirements of the course, experience, education, and agree to CE and Continuing Education.  Certification requires registration and payment of certification or designation fee. The GAFM does not endorse or recognize directly any school, professor, or group nor has the GAFM received any direct endorsement from the course providers or professors.

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HBO Max to release 10 Warner Bros. movies straight to streaming in 2022



In the wake of choosing to release its full record of 2021 Warner Bros. films on HBO Max under a hybrid streaming and theatrical model, it seems WarnerMedia is ready to keep utilizing its Warner Bros. resources for lure subscribers to the service in 2022.

During AT&T’s second-quarter earnings call this week, the organization’s executives were gotten some information about how the pandemic release model would shape a more lasting delivery methodology going ahead, especially as it identifies with theaters. Citing to the theatrical success of Godzilla versus Kong as much as $463 million in income, WarnerMedia boss Jason Kilar reacted that while “the motion picture format absolutely matters,” the organization likewise feels “very good about the response that consumers have given it in the home.”

Kilar proceeded to say that Warner Bros. will deliver 10 movies that will make a big appearance on HBO Max that very day they’re released. While it’s not satisfactory which titles these 10 will incorporate, the choice demonstrates that pandemic has essentially affected the way that WarnerMedia will handle its film releases moving forward. Kilar explicitly expressed that the organization doesn’t plan to get back to a film release system of the past.

“I certainly don’t anticipate us going back to the way the world was in 2015 or ’16 or ’17, where windows were quite lengthy between theatrical and home exhibition, whether it was an a la carte transaction or something else,” Kilar said. As recently reported recently when Warner Bros. reached a multi-year concurrence with Cineworld for 2021 and 2022 film show, Kilar affirmed that dramatic windows for “a portion of our slate” would be 45 days.

WarnerMedia faced significant backlash when it declared recently that its 2021 record of movies would make a big appearance under its equivalent day streaming and theatrical release model. Theaters were not particularly satisfied, however the procedure was additionally reprimanded by makers themselves, including chiefs Christopher Nolan and Dune chief Denis Villeneuve. During the profit call, Kilar said the business would proceed to “evolve.”

“I think that what you’re going to see is this industry continue to evolve and to continue to innovate in ways that not only works for consumers and fans, but also works for our business partners,” Kilar said.

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Former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll at CPAC



Former President Donald Trump handily won the 2024 GOP official nomination poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gathering this end of the week in Texas.

Trump, who’s over and again played with making another presidential run 2024 to attempt to get back to the White House, caught 70% of voting forms cast in the anonymous straw poll, as indicated by results declared by CPAC on Sunday afternoon.

That is a lift from the 55% help he won in the hypothetical 2024 Republican essential matchup straw survey at CPAC Orlando in late February.

“I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your incredible support,” Trump said as he gave the Dallas event’s keynote address minutes later.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis arrived in a far off second, at 21%. Nobody else among the 19 potential 2024 Republican White House competitors bested 1%.

DeSantis, an initial term lead representative and Trump partner who took off in prominence among traditionalists cross country for his protection from lockdowns and COVID limitations in the midst of the Covid pandemic, effortlessly beat a second 2024 polling form question – without Trump on the theoretical voting form.

DeSantis snatched 68% help on that inquiry, with previous Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at 5%. Donald Trump Jr. also, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas were both at 4%, with South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem at 3%. Nobody else beat 2%.

The straw poll results, alongside the previous president’s headliner speech on Sunday, were the most anticipated moments at the three-day get-together of conservative activists and pioneers from the nation over.

Trump’s strong performance does not shock anyone. CPAC, long the biggest and most persuasive get-together of moderates, has become a Trump-fest since his 2016 presidential election victory.

88% of 1,525 CPAC participants projecting polling forms said they unequivocally supported the work Trump did in the White House, with another 10% fairly endorsing.

CPAC attendees anonymously replied – by means of an online application – the 20-question review planned by coordinators. Among the subjects on the secret ballot, which coordinators say will give them a feeling of the pulse of the conservative movement, are critical race theory, cancel culture and border security. In any case, the 2024 straw survey questions, no ifs, ands or buts, produced the most interest.

At the straw poll at CPAC in Orlando, DeSantis, who completed in runner up with 21% support, was the solitary other Republican to arrive at double digits.

DeSantis bested the second straw poll question in Orlando, which did exclude Trump, getting done with 43% help in the speculative designation confrontation, with Noem second at 11%.

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Omar Choudhury Tells Us How He Helps Thousands Of His Clients Build Credible Instagram Pages



Omar Choudhury is a well-known social media strategist, digital marketer, and high-ticket closer. In the last two years alone, one of his main companies “Grow With Us Agency” has transformed the lives of over 2500+ clients worldwide. By doing so, the multi-million-dollar company has become a household name for many entrepreneurs and influencers who are looking to grow a strong following on the platform. 


Based out of Miami, the company is run by Omar, Dre, Arthur, and their amazing team of over 100+ hard-working individuals based all over the world. The company is focused on its client’s growth, both online and financially. The main USP of the business is how well they scale Instagram brands and help their clients to monetize their newfound credibility. 


The company has teamed up with some of the largest social media stars around the world, including Supreme Patty, Lele Pons, and Fivio Foreign to give back to the community. They have given away cash, PS5s, and even a car. Talk about helping people out during Covid! These giveaways allow their clients to get an opportunity to grow their following by tens of thousands of real fans all coming to their page to check them out.


Some of the largest entrepreneurs in the world use the company’s services. But Grow With Us Agency didn’t become a household name in the Instagram world by just offering follower growth. Rather the company focuses on a full range of services to ensure their client’s entire brand is fully established. Allowing their clients to also benefit from high-level engagement, access to being published on some of the biggest articles in the world, high ticket sales coaching, and a private community, the company has ensured that their clients are on a fast track to success by working with them. 

If you are looking for help in building a credible online brand, then message Omar on Instagram for further advice.

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