The steps to change your name on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms

You’ve settled on your choice: you need to change your username on your web based life foundation of decision. You’ve chosen your new handle and need to shed the former one. That is extraordinary — change is tantamount to a rest, all things considered. In any case, how would you really do it?

There are any number of explanations behind changing your username on accounts. Possibly you’ve changed your name and need your socials to mirror that. Possibly you need to change your own records to something progressively marked and business related. Possibly you’re only completely humiliated by your handle

Lamentably, a few stages don’t permit you to change your usernames — on Snapchat, for instance, you can just change your presentation name and the best way to get another username is to begin another record. The equivalent goes for Reddit. In any case, that is the exemption, as opposed to the standard. With that, here’s the means by which to change your username over the most mainstream online life stages.


Your name on Facebook is quite often your genuine name — in any event, that is the way to go. Be that as it may, you likewise have a username, which means a handle that is a piece of your URL. I was just ready to locate this specific data the FB work area site. Go to Settings and Privacy in the upper right drop-down menu, at that point go to Settings.

Your username, just as your real name, are in the General segment. The username should incorporate your genuine name, close by a couple of numbers or characters to separate you from other people who may have a similar moniker. To transform it, click the blue “Edit” text on the extreme right.


Twitter handles are considerably more common on the site than genuine names, and there is some hot rivalry to guarantee those that are explicit to specific brands. Know that changing yours will break the employments of your handle in past tweets. All things considered, you can discover the alternative in your settings under “Account.”

The particular setting is under “Login and Security.” Once there you enter in your new username, and if it’s accessible the change ought to be a fast one. For the record, in the event that you need to change your showcase name, you’ll need to utilize the “Alter Profile” choice.


It’s as a matter of fact exceptionally simple to have numerous Instagrams, and they nearly prescribe it to anybody over changing their username, if simply because the application makes it moderately simple to shuffle different records. All things considered, on the off chance that you truly need another username, go to your profile and select “Edit Profile.”

Here it’ll give you choice to change your username. It’ll likewise advise you that you can change back to your old one inside 14 days if the change doesn’t stick. In the event that the username is taken, you’ll know when you hit “Done.”


In contrast to different stages, you won’t have the option to change your name on YouTube inside the site itself — you’ll need to change the name in your Google account. To do this, go to your YouTube settings and discover the choice to “View or change your Google account settings.”

From that point, you’ll be taken to your Google profile. Discover the alternative on the upper left that says “Personal Info.” These choices incorporate your name, birthday, and so on. You can likewise give yourself a moniker here in the event that you so pick. Note that your profile URL is unchangeable and can’t be changed.


The widely adored bookmarking site — I don’t think about you, yet it’s my site of decision for taking a gander at things I’ll never possess. Of course, to change your Pinterest handle, go to the settings and afterward to Edit Profile.

Here you can change your showcase name just as your username. It’s genuinely standard all things considered.


Things work a piece contrastingly on LinkedIn. You’ll have your standard showcase name (your genuine name, they trust, given which site this is), however not a username as you would generally get it. Rather, you have a custom profile URL that incorporates a specific name.

To change that, go to your profile and select the choice on the option to “Edit public profile & URL.” Once you’ve done that, in the upper right will be the choice to “Edit your custom URL.” Just pick whatever name you wish and change it as needs be.


Runaway web based life achievement TikTok keeps things generally basic with regards to your username. To discover it, go to your settings and discover the “Username” setting. Select that and change away.

On the off chance that the username is accessible, a green checkmark will show up close to your name. Changing your username additionally changes your TikTok URL.

Furthermore, that is it! That is the manner by which to change your name on all famous online networking destinations that permit you to do as such. Good karma!