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TMC Freeriderz celebrates 25th anniversary



As Yosuke Hamazaki led the way to his office above his TMC Freeriderz shop along Skier’s Approach, he commented that space hadn’t really had an adult’s touch.

Perhaps that’s because a quarter-century ago, at age 16, he made that space the inaugural headquarters of his shop, which is still going strong today.

In fact, it was his dad’s storage space for his rental shop below, but became Hamazaki’s shop and de facto bedroom space after he fell in love with the sport after joining the local freestyle club a couple of years prior.

“I took everything from my dad’s storage and put it in my own personal bedroom. He gave me a chance to try it, and then a following took place,” he said, noting his father came to Whistler in the 1970s as a ski instructor and was an hot-dog skiing pioneer alongside Wayne Wong.

With freestyle skiing emerging as a discipline in the early 1990s, Hamazaki had the freedom to explore via retail in a similar way that he and his contemporaries were pushing boundaries on the mountain.

However, with athletes coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, there was still a matter of finding that connection with customers.

“We didn’t want to create what’s going on. We wanted that to happen organically with the customers. The customers were starting to tell us what their style was,” he said. “Some people were local: leather jackets, jeans, and that was the style. Another person would be the Euro-style, where they would have neon-colored baggy pants … or really tight pants.

“It is, as a shop, difficult to cater to all those different groups of people.” Hamazaki made the foray into designing clothing at age 19 and certainly made an appeal to some fringe fashionistas.

“We made some wild pants. We made some snakeskin-style ski pants. We wanted to add flavor to what our sport was trying to become,” he said. “We would design the product, get a mother in North Vancouver to draw the patterns for us. I went to her house in one day, then drive to a pattern-cutter place on the other side of town, had to drive to a zippered place to get the zippers and end up at a factory.”

Hamazaki sees parallels to the growth of freestyle and his own shop, as both have had to justify their existence and deal with the ebbs and flows of popularity.

“In the shop, it was a very big challenge because it was a sport that we had to sell to each individual coming in. It wasn’t on TV, it wasn’t in the magazines yet,” he said. “When (people from other sports) want to try it, we were really accommodating, so I think that’s one thing that helped freeride skiing become what it is today.”

At the time of his debut, other ski shops were starting to have small freestyle sections, but soon after, stores were opening based on Hamazaki’s blueprint, which created additional competition.

All these years later, Hamazaki is looking to expand to Honolulu, Hawaii of all places. While it might seem like an odd place to open a winter sports store, he cited the success of Island Snow, a small snowboard shop that eventually became the world’s leading Burton dealer. It’s a way of accessing the Asian market, as many tourists vacation in Hawaii and tend to find excellent deals for the equipment they’d use at home.

“If we do this shop in Hawaii, it would basically be a stamp that says ‘Wow, freestyle is here,'” he said.

In its infancy, TMC stood for The Mogul Corner, but to recognize the diverse array of freestyle disciplines, is now short for True Matrix Core, a saying from Hamazaki’s father with the message of believing in the path one chooses with the whole heart. Hamazaki also credits his father, who also owned a gift shop and a fur shop, providing him the opportunity to forge his own way, but also a willingness to provide expertise to help him if needed.

“He’d always let me make the mistakes, but he was adamant about teaching me what I should be doing,” Hamazaki said. “Usually, they weren’t personal mistakes. They were business mistakes, but I’d take it personally.”

Despite some challenging years with lower snow or the Olympics drawing people to watch sports more than participate in them, Hamazaki always found a way through, whether it was turning into a flag shop during the Games or sticking it out with smaller companies as they weathered their own downturns in popularity. But deep down, he feels there will always be a place for freestyle, a lesson he took from skiing’s status when he first got involved.

“It had the image of stretchy pants and through the ’80s, the neon colors and all that. It was a fun time, but it kind of seemed like it was dying down,” he said. “In my heart, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in reality as long as you’re feeling like you’re part of something, you’re part of a community.”

To perhaps highlight its entrenchment in the community, TMC recently finished fifth in Canada and tops in Whistler in Freeskier’s Top Shop contest (Comor and Whistler Village Sports also made the top 10). Hamazaki was grateful for the 2,000-plus votes, and looking back, is thrilled to have reached the
milestone he has.

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Investigation of Travok Company in relation to the latest conditions for obtaining residence in Turkey by purchasing a property



To do this, you must first travel to Turkey and visit the various properties to choose the property you want. After purchasing the property and transferring the document in your name, you can request an appointment from the Turkish Immigration Office to obtain a residence permit and apply to this office at the specified time with the necessary documents and receive your one-year residence permit. The documentation and process for doing this will be explained below.

There is no legal limit on the minimum capital to buy a property in Turkey. But you should know how much capital you need to buy a property in Turkey.

The price of a house in Turkey depends on various factors such as the selected city and neighborhood, whether or not the property is located in large and well-equipped towers and projects, the age of the building, the facilities of the property, and so on. But usually the price of a property in Turkey starts from at least 3 thousand lira per meter and you have to consider at least 250 thousand lira and above to buy a normal and small house (50 meters) in Turkey.

Are there any restrictions on choosing a city to buy a property in Turkey?

No. You can choose the property of your choice in any city of Turkey according to your taste. If you like modern, big and crowded cities, buying a property in cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir is right for you, and if you love nature and green space and also want to buy a cheap house in Turkey, cities like Antalya, Analia And we offer you Marmaris.

About Travok Company

Travok company has been established by MEHRDAD ETESSAM, the only official Persian translator, who officially approved by the documentation Bureau (Tapu), and has officially begun providing services to Iranian and Persian speakers.

Services such as the provision of residential services from beginning to end and get a residence card, estate affairs, consulting and investment, and the lunch of new businesses in the city of Alanya, Turkey.

Travok company started its activity in a magnificent event in Alanya city in March 2018 and among a friendly and intimate group of Iranians, some Alanya city officials and people introduced their valuable services. We are proud to announce from that date until now, about 2000 people of beloved Persian speakers, such as Iranian and other Persian speakers of other countries have taken residence, purchase, and rent of housing and other accommodation services in our collection. Today we share this success with you and appreciate your trust.

The opening ceremony of Travok company was very welcomed by the public and announced their lunch in city media and published in newspapers and magazines, which their most notably were ALANYA NEWS, ALANYA NEWS NEWSPAPER, ALANYA ALBUM MAGAZINE.

We received this warm welcome and feedback as a great happening and we are moving towards the globalization of Travok and we are honored to bring you along this path.

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Dr. Nitin J. Engineer Shares Ways to Master the Art of Fully Living



What do you consider the ultimate return on investment? It differs from person to person, and as Instagram star Dr. Nitin J. Engineer tells us, the ultimate return on investment is happiness. Now, Dr. Nitin is not discounting all other returns; he is expressing his views on it.

As one of the most-followed Instagram sensations, Dr. Nitin has pursued his passion over the years, and he has realized that it’s not just about building wealth and growing your personal brand. He says that if you’re wealthy and miserable, your investments haven’t truly paid off.

Dr. Nitin J. Engineer also mentions that wealth is not a measure of happiness. It doesn’t automatically mean you’re happy because you’re wealthy. Therefore, what’s Dr. Nitin’s argument on happiness as the ultimate return on investment?

Let’s paint a picture here: You keep buying things that you don’t care for just to show off to your friends or strangers online. According to Dr. Nitin, this speaks to a lack of happiness and fulfilment in what you’ve achieved. It is not wrong if you want to have the best of everything globally, but does it make you happy?

The ultimate measure of success is fulfillment and not money. You should love what you do enough that even if it doesn’t bring wealth, you are blissfully content to be doing it. Dr. Nitin stresses the importance of a happy life over a wealthy life.

Not to say that wealth isn’t good to have, but don’t peg your life on materialism. Dr. Nitin has also cited people who are stuck in jobs they can’t stand because of the money. Most people underuse their potential and drive their investments in triviality.

To further explain this, Dr. Nitin mentions the common assumption that pleasure is happiness. Most people are lost in momentary pleasure and mistake that for happiness. Dr. Nitin clarifies that pleasure is short-lived; you will feel relieved or even excited for a short while, and then it’ll go away, leaving a void that you’ll try to fill with more material items.

To add to this, Dr. Nitin J. Engineer says that happiness grants you the freedom to decide what you want to achieve each day. Small everyday things can bring you the contentment you dream of, and instead of dreaming, you should take advantage of it.

The ultimate payoff that all your efforts in life can grant you is true happiness in what you’ve built, who you’ve become and where you’re going.

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Chloe Khan From X Factor Is Now Becoming a Real Estate Investor




Chloe Khan

Television Personality Chloe Khan Is Now Trying Her Hands in Real Estate Business
The television industry has changed the lives of many people around the world. It has brought fame, money, and respect to the heels of individuals who were struggling to get through the day. While some were unable to handle all the sudden changes in their lives, many were successful in making the most of their second chance at living their lives. One such personality who has gained massive followership over the years ever since she first appeared on reality TV is Chloe Khan.
Chloe Khan is a name that most people must be familiar with. Known for spending thousands of pounds to get her physical appearance altered, Today, she is a real social media personality and is often hailed as the ‘Queen of Social Media.’ Her journey in the television industry was one to remember. From being a contestant in Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 to becoming the face of Spearmint Rhino and a Playboy cover girl, she has seen it all. All the experience has helped her to gain a lot of wealth over the last decade.

Chloe Khan

In her personal life, Chloe is a wise investor of sorts and is always having an eagle eye for opportunities where she could benefit. For the past 3.5 years, she is one of the highest earning onlyfans accounts in the world . She has many sources for earning money, all thanks to her unique physique. Recently, she has shown interest in the world of real estate and was eager to try her hands in it. While we are aware that real estate can turn rags to riches, one bad decision may result otherwise as well. So, she has counseled with experts and is now determined to take a jab at real estate.
Chloe is now well-aware of all the pros and cons related to real estate and is confident she can make the most out of it as well. She has already started investing money into properties and has bought a huge mansion-like house that is being renovated as of now. Her goal behind investing money in real estate is to enable people to try short-stay luxury accommodation. While it may seem like a good investment choice, only time can tell the real truth.
Besides being a social media personality and new real estate investor, Chloe is also fond of traveling around the world. She loves trying out the new lifestyles and cultures the world has to offer her. While doing so, she makes sure her 2 million followers on Instagram also get a peek at her life and adventures through her timely posts. She is often seen making changes to how she looks but the one thing that she never really changed was her bouncy hair. However, it seems now the tides have changed and she has revealed a new hair-do by opting for lengthy hair extensions. She is truly a phenomenal personality who has managed to keep success and life well balanced. Check her out and her lifestyle at

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