Top 5 Shapewear Styles for Plus Size Women

The strips  are undies responsible for providing extra support, making you feel more comfortable and reshape your body so you get the shape you want. If you are large size, you should not worry, there are models of girdles specially made to fit body measurements and below we present the best available on the Amazon portal .

1. Shymay: Tummy Control Girdle

Made of 96% cotton and 4% spandex, the garment includes a comfortable side closure . It helps you flatten your abdomen, lift your buttocks, shape your entire silhouette and define your waist. It simply shapes all the curves  of your body, making you look more sexy and confident. Its compression fabric gives it a lot of flexibility; you can wear it under any garment without being noticed.

2. Yuccer: Girdle with waist control

This model is made of a mesh  made with silk threads, this makes it a very comfortable and breathable girdle. It is designed to fit and shape the waists of best plus size shapewear women.

The corset supports the chest in an upright position; This helps you reduce belly, supports your waist and shapes your silhouette. Its support is of the fish bone type, thus giving additional support to the waist.

3. Topmelon: Full Body Shaper

Made with a combination of nylon, spandex, polyester and covered by a cotton lining. It has adjustable straps and a zip closure ; The garment is open crocheted to make it more comfortable to wear.

This shaper has  high compression in the abdomen and workout waist trainer and waist; in addition, its design shapes the bust. Slim your thighs and easily adjusts to your silhouette.

4. Topmelon:  Dress type girdle

Helps control your belly, back, hips and thigh; the garment molds your body to give you a wonderful silhouette . Strengthen your waist and flatten your belly; while lifting and supporting the bust area.

You can wear it under a dress and it won’t show. Its design provides a lot of lumbar support and throughout the back, it is perfect to help you correct your posture for more

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5. Yuccer: Panty girdle

Made of cotton and elastane , its crotch has a 100% cotton lining for greater comfort. The tummy control with which this girdle was designed gives a sculpted effect  to your waist that makes you show off a beautiful and slim silhouette. This compression garment, you can use it under any garment in your wardrobe.