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Unhindered by trials and tribulations, Diego Aponte curates his entrepreneural life with determination and optimism

Real Estate Investor and visionary, Diego Aponte has shown what it takes to be successful in this genre of buisness.

His journey symbolises tenacity and strength.

Having started his Life amongst poverty and deprivation, Diego Aponte knew the value of hard earned money and determined to make a living that will defy all the obstacles.

Diego Aponte hails from Florida and started his journey by selling tapes.
His mother provided for his big family by juggling between jobs.

Being the eldest in his family, Diego Aponte was inspired by his mother and decided to be the bread winner for his folks.

He set his foot in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Working hard since the age of 12 and being able to acquire deals worth 5 thousand dollars to owning his first property at the age of 15, Diego Aponte showed that stopping was never an option.

Despite hard times like losing his house or being the victim of The Great Recession in 2010,he never gave up on his dreams of building his dream life.

He would flip properties and contracts to other hedge funds, investor groups, remodel and resell properties to generate revenues.

After years of core professional work and carrying on with zest and zeal, Diego Aponte now owns real estate assets worth $50 Million.

His collaborations and partnerships are now given as examples of great Business acumen.

Diego Aponte is a force to be reckoned with and is here to change the landscape of modern Real estate business.