Vikki Lenola’s Hottest Go Go Dancing Looks

Vikki Lenola is one of the most sought-after Go-Go Dancers in Canada. From Rebel nightclub in Toronto to Pablo Disco Bar in Iceland, Vikki has danced at some of the biggest nightclubs across the World. With years of experience under her belt, she certainly knows how to create a fun ambiance, impress the room with her charm and seduce any crowd. Here are some of my favorite looks on Vikki that I could find on the Web!

The fishnet stocking & heels Look.

This look signifies confidence, sexiness, and independence. Ever since Fishnets were introduced to the World in the 19th Century, they have been associated with femininity and promiscuity. Over the years, they have transformed into a staple piece for most women who are confident and ooze sex appeal.

The Glow in the Dark Body Paint Look

Who doesn’t love the look of a woman with the perfect, gym-honed body that wears nothing more than just body paint? We don’t know how long this look must have taken to paint, but the result is beyond sexy. The deep red body paint seductively frames her silhouette to highlight her luscious curves. The question is, how did she manage to take this look off at the end of the night?

The Black Lace Look

The black lace look is my favorite look by FAR. Vikki looks likes a smoldering hot temptress here. Dressed head to toe in black lace, she has nailed this look. Her hair was styled in loose waves, her eye makeup is dark and smoky, and her body is sizzling hot. I cannot wait to see her next live performance.

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