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What do we need to do succeed in cryptocurrenry from Sinan Ezam prespective of a successful and famous trader?



With the appearance of blockchain technology, things around us are no longer like what they once were. Blockchain has emerged to store information. Change, cheating, or hacking information is almost impossible in this method. In Blockchain, you cannot have two of a kind; everything has a unique nature.

Information and transactions are secured by an encrypted signature called “Hash” in the blockchain world. But the digital signature is not a new concept, so why is Blockchain so popular now?

In the past, many attempts have been made to create digital money, but all failed, and the cause was “trust.” Suppose someone will create Dollar X. How can we make sure that the maker of this currency is not cheating? How can we ensure that the person can be trusted and will not steal our money?

As the first successful digital currency, Bitcoin was able to solve the trust issues. In an ordinary database (e.g., SQL), data is stored in columns and rows of tables, and anyone who is in charge of managing that database also can change this information. But in Bitcoin (and other blockchains), the data is not stored like this. In Blockchain, all data flows between those who use the network. New versions of Blockchain do more and can solve real-world problems with more power and capabilities. With the birth of Ethereum, new concepts were formed in the real world. Having decentralized apps with decentralized money was not a dream anymore. Everything started from here; what we see today as Metaverse, blockchain games, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), and decentralized exchanges were formed with the appearance of Ethereum as the second generation of digital currencies.

1- Metaverse

With the advancement of blockchain technologies, real-life has gained new aspects. Metaverse is one of these unique aspects that we will see in real life in different areas such as communication, entertainment, vocation, and medicine shortly.

But what is Metaverse?

Facebook has nothing to do with Metaverse, but it has not been ineffective in making the technology more widely known. Metaverse means the connecting point of the physical and digital world. A world in which you can interact with digital samples of objects and people.

The nature of Metaverse is decentralized, so this world is not controlled by any person or organization. Everyone is free to pursue what they need in this world.

To understand why Metaverse is part of the future, we need to look at its uses. Investing in different applications and areas of Metaverse can be an excellent opportunity to go beyond the present and move towards the future.

Unchangeable assets

NFT tokens play a significant role in blockchain games so that the players can trade these tokens without an intermediary. In virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games, Metaverse goes one step further, and you can use money and virtual versions of natural objects, including digital currencies and NFT tokens.

Personal identity in an authentication

Self-identity information that indicates your unique existence can be stored in Metaverse so that no one can fake your identity. This ID code is just like the username on social media but a virtual version. Everything can be tracked in a transparent blockchain network, and no one can cheat.

Property in Metaverse

Have you ever considered putting your home deed in your wallet as a token and just selling the property token to someone else whenever you want to sell a house or real estate?

Establishing laws and regulations about properties in this area can be challenging for governments, but just imagine in the world of Metaverse, you can buy a property document digitally and own it in the physical world.

Fewer dealers, more convenient deals

We all know how intermediaries increase the final prices of goods and services in the digital and real world. Just think that in the world of Metaverse, you can buy items in the physical world without intermediaries and at a better price.

Now, blockchain games are getting a lot of attention. With the increasing use of Metaverse technology, governments will consider upgrading traditional systems based on the new world. To invest in Metaverse, we recommend taking a good look at Metaverse projects first. Every Metaverse project tries to solve a problem in the real world, so pay attention to the perspective of the projects

2- Decentralized exchanges

Are you tired of centralized exchange (CEX) authentication? Are you upset that governments are trying to impose unfair policies on us in the digital currency market? Are you upset that exchange managers in the digital currency market are manipulating prices to fill their insatiable pockets? Are you discouraged that the exchange servers in the middle of nowhere are down at the critical moment of the transaction, and no one is taking responsibility for your losses?

Decentralized exchange is where you will get rid of all these problems and many other unmentioned problems. First, let’s go back to find out more about the story. We said that Ethereum, as the second generation of digital currency, changed Blockchain. What Ethereum caused to appear is called the smart contract. These pieces of non-editable code cannot be altered or controlled by any person or government once they are put on the network. Many things can be done with smart contracts. One of them is the construction of decentralized exchange offices, which completely transformed the area of decentralized financial applications (Defi).

But what is a decentralized exchange, and how does it work?

Decentralized exchanges are smart contracts that allow traders to buy and sell digital assets without any intermediaries. Users must connect to these exchanges with their wallets to trade digital currencies in a decentralized exchange. There are three types of decentralized exchanges, the first two work based on liquidity pools, and the third type operates based on the order book.

How to invest in a decentralized exchange?

We said that decentralized exchanges use the liquidity pool to solve the problem of money flow. In this type of exchange, the party to your transaction is the exchange liquidity pool that, with intelligent contract algorithms, prices fluctuate based on supply and demand.

The good news is that you can now invest in a decentralized exchange as a liquidity pool investor. You will benefit from the commissions traders pay according to your share in the collection by investing in a pool. In other words, by participating in the exchange pool of liquidity, it considers a part of its profit from the commissions for you. Decentralized exchanges are just at the beginning of the path, and with the development of new generation blockchains, a bright future awaits them.

3- Web3

Now we’re here for the third attractive area in investment. Web3 The new version of the Internet has taken on a new meaning with blockchain technologies. If we look at the history of the Internet, we see that it has experienced many changes in a short period. The first version of the Internet was Web1, in which the context of each website was shown as simple text outputs. But today, Web3 and Blockchain have created a new method of interacting between objects, the information world, and human beings.

Have you ever heard of companies and organizations that have no managers? In the new internet web3, we are moving towards the so-called decentralized organization or DAO.

How to invest in DAO? The decentralized self-governing organization includes various fields and applications, the most important ones.

Bankless Association, a decentralized self-governing association-centric financial system centered around Ethereum, Bitcoin, education, and culture.

MakerDao Protocol, an Ethereum blockchain-based protocol that supports DAI Stablecoin.

KilmaDao Protocol, a climate algorithm digital currency that is carbon-based that fights global climate change.

Set of yearning. Finance protocols,

The system is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which helps users increase and improve their income in the lending and transaction services areas.

How to invest in the new version of web3 Internet?

Each web3 and DAO blockchain project offers different services, so we can recommend the same thing for all services. But the focus of web3 is to connect your digital currency wallet to such protocols and use their services.

What is your opinion about investing in new blockchain domains? In which of the mentioned areas have you sponsored, or in which areas are you following the news?

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Combining innovative visions and creativity as an Italian artist and digital entrepreneur to offer uniqueness to people is Kevin Sacchi.



Kevin Sacchi with his brands KS Digital Force and Kevin Sacchi Brand cross boundaries and earns respect and recognition with over +1million on Instagram.

A closer look around us will let us know how things have been changing across the world. This also opens our eyes to the tremendous growth a few industries and sectors have been making, thanks to the relentless drive and incessant hard work of a few young talented beings. How could we not mention about Kevin Sacchi, when it comes to the world of digital? The digital space, be it in business or music is one which is driven by the incredible ideas and efforts of young professionals like Kevin Sacchi, who keep working around creating innovativeness and keep winning hearts of the people they serve.

The 22-year-old artist and digital entrepreneur today shines bright with his growing presence in the digital world, with +1million on Instagram alone. Kevin Sacchi is known for his out-of-the-box ideas and strong visions, which are all aimed at enhancing people’s experiences through his work. In music, he has enhanced the experiences of listeners through each of his songs that exude his unique vibe and zealousness as an Italian singer, songwriter and producer. He is known as the Father of the Balkan Hits for a reason, as he effortlessly immersed the Balkan melodies in the Italian music space, importing a new genre in Italy and becoming the first-ever Italian artist to do that. His songs Human Race, Gold Rain, Last Master, Mister Balkans, Mister Worldwide, Trip to Russia, Trip to Dubai, Blue No Cap, Mente da Star, and Mister Manele, all have dragged him to the forefront of the music scene in Italy in a short period.

Apart from making his name as an Italian artist, Kevin Sacchi has astonished people with his business talents as a digital entrepreneur with his ventures KS Digital Force and his recently opened clothing brand Kevin Sacchi Brand. KS Digital Force was initiated in 2019. It has already become a trusted digital agency, which has so far managed over 300 accounts, leading big companies, businesses, brands, individuals, artists, entrepreneurs and many others to their desired growth and success levels in their respective industries. With Kevin Sacchi Brand, he is trying to redefine fashion as a luxury brand with a contemporary approach.

All-in-all, Kevin Sacchi proves his passion for the digital realm, where now he is looking forward to do much more as a young Italian talent.


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US gas costs back close to record highs, pounding drivers



US drivers preparing for their warm climate excursions are set to experience new record high gas costs this week as expansion keeps on pounding family spending plans.

The public typical cost of a gallon of gas was $4.328 starting around Monday evening, as per AAA information. That cost was up around 20 pennies contrasted with one month prior and well over a dollar higher than that very the very beginning year prior.

The expense of gas is inside a negligible portion of the unequaled high settled in March, when the public typical hit an extraordinary $4.331 as the Russian attack of Ukraine made disturbance worldwide energy shipments.

In New York, gas costs have proactively hit another record. The statewide cost of standard gas was $4.518 – almost 30 pennies higher than one month prior – while diesel hit a silly $6.383.

“Expanding gas interest and rising oil costs have pushed siphon costs higher. Siphon costs will probably confront up tension as oil costs stay above $105 per barrel,” AAA said in a blog entry specifying the cost flood.

Oil costs drifted close $110 per barrel last week as the European Union gauged a potential restriction on Russian energy shipments in light of the Ukraine war. A potential ban additionally overturned an energy market that was at that point fighting with supply concerns and interruptions connected with the COVID-19 pandemic.

US raw petroleum costs directed somewhat on Monday, sinking almost 7% to $102 per barrel during a sharp selloff on Wall Street and worried about recharged COVID-19 lockdowns in China.

The Labor Department’s latest Consumer Price Index from March showed the degree to which gas costs are adding to expansion.

The March CPI flooded 8.5%, its most elevated yearly rate beginning around 1981. That very month, gas costs rose 18.3% — an increment that represented the greater part of the month to month expansion flood.

Costs are probably going to keep moving in the near future.

“While drivers loading up with fuel have seen a slight ascent in costs, diesel’s flood will be a one-two punch as diesel costs will before long be given to retail channels, further pushing up the expense of products,” GasBuddy investigator Patrick De Haan said.

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Why a Chatbot Is Crucial In today’s Online Business World



Today’s marketing and sales teams are under tremendous pressure to not only display results, but also to continue to improve customer experience. It’s a big job. Not to mention the increase in expectations for today’s consumers (aka, the Amazon result).

Today, we expect immediate answers and expect them to be accurate. This can be done with people up to a certain point of comment, then technology should be the answer. That’s why forward thinking brands have adopted chatbots to help them.

Guide Users to Better Results

Customers do not always know where to go to get the information they like. In fact, your customers may not even know what they are interested in. Maybe they just heard the name of your product and decided to check it out. . By asking a series of relevant questions, you are directing users to the best place to find the information they are looking for with the best chatbot.

Think about some of the questions you will ask that will lead your visitor to the best solution. These questions vary depending on the type of business, but some common ones are:

What problem are you trying to solve?

What are your goals?

Where are you located?

Which door are you in?

What industry are you in?

Would you like personal support?

Think of an international organization as an airline. Among the departure points, landing points, possible upgrades and a host of ticketing locations, there are almost endless combinations of numbers to buy.

By making the chatbot queries your own, those airlines guide customers to the best way to buy and create better user experience.

This seamless user experience makes the complex planning process easy for both the user and the business.

Produce the most qualified directors – It would be great if we could talk to all the leaders and make sure they are equally fit before we plan a meeting. In fact, that is impossible for most organizations to do on a scale. The chatbot can help use the improved fitness mindset to do the leading qualifications and improve the speed of sales.

Combat Customer Churn – Chatbots are the perfect answer to high volume support questions, especially where customers are frustrated with the general basics of information that are difficult to filter.

This limitless and memorable user authentication ensures that your users will think about your bots the next time they ask questions like what is a chatbot.

Automatically performing this initial interaction allows users to share the information needed so that the agent can provide them with better help without having to ask anyone. For example, the Drift website chatbot fits the possibilities and collects their email addresses for the seller to track.

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