What is a Check Printing Software and Why You Should Have One?

The Practice of Banking dates back to medieval times and with the passage of time, it evolved so much that now it is the most worthy industry in terms of assets and profits in the whole world. Now, here we are not going to discuss how banking works or what is it comprised of because its a very wide subject that requires a lot of time and research, so we decided to guide you about a little yet important part of banking, the Check process. It’s safe to presume that everyone has heard about checks, its basically a piece of paper that is imprinted with information against which some specific amount of money is owed either by you or to you.

Banking Checks

Checks are an integral part of basic banking, if you want to pay someone you simply give them a check of that certain amount, they take that check to the bank where they either deposit the amount into another account or simply withdraw it. Normally in common practice al around the world, the checks are in paper form in which there is a specific checking paper upon which all the required information like the Payor’s account number, the amount of money paid, the payee’s details and the bank’s information is printed. Checks came in the form of a Book called the checkbook.

Now the major purpose of this piece of article is to guide you and to persuade you about something new, something of a revolutionary in nature in the banking field regarding checkbook. what is that revolutionary product that we want you to have?

What is Online Check Writer or OCW

Everyone by now must’ve heard of the term E-Banking which means Electronic Banking or if expanding the term into current scenarios Banking through the Internet. The current banking system has been so accessible that people don’t even bother to go to their banks for the transaction, they pay their dues, shopping charges or bills online using their credit cards at their homes and there are only a few things that they visit the banks for and one of them is the checkbook. If you want to deposit a check or withdraw money from it you will have to go to the bank no matter what. But what if you won’t have to? What if your checks can be made as accessible and useful as your credit cards?

This is where we introduce an Online Check Writer or OCW.

OCW is a technology cloud software AI-powered monthly subscription-based software all about checks and money movements- (Bank checks). Pay and GET PAID by Digital checks, eChecks, or printable checks

How OCW works?

Its very simple to use OCW, you simply have to buy the monthly subscription plan and everything else is free, in that plan you can order as many checkbooks as you like, you can draw your own checks online, send them or receive similar checks and if you deemed so you can even print them on Check Paper.

you can also integrate OCW with your Bank as OCW reconciles with more than 16000 banks all over the United and Canada.

Key features of OCW

  1. Send Digital Checks on-demand or request it, Or print Checks on Demand on any printer on blank check paper
  2. Never run out of checkbooks.
  3. Information Secured.
  4. Integrate banks & prevent unauthorized forged checks automatically.
  5. Automatically reconcile your cleared and uncleared checks
  6. Memo on the check, what it paid for
  7. Save 80% switching to Blank check paper versus pre-printed Checks

Why you should use OCW?

There are many arguments that support that you should use OCW as it is the only platform and product of its nature that provides you unlimited E-checks, it provided essential security to protect your data, it is easily accessible and can also be used as a paper check. These arguments are more than enough to use OCW given that its available at a fair price.