What Is an Ionic Air Purifier?

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Commonly, there are several types of air purifiers designed to improve the air quality inside our home. The most common types are ionic air purifiers and HEPA air purifiers. Here, we will give you an explanation about the ionic air purifier.

Definitions and differences

The ionic air purifier is often called an air ionizer. This type of air purifier basically works by charging air molecules electrically to purify the air. Particles, odors, and microbes in the air are removed by using the chemical property of ions. In contrast, the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) purifier works by trapping particles using a specific fine mesh to make the air cleaner.

Basic concepts of ionic air purifier

Typically, ionic air purifier consists of structures that look like a needle. This structure is supposed to create electrons when we apply voltage on it. Then, the ionic air purifier will form some negative ions by discharging the electrons into the air. Once the negative ions attach the unwanted particles or pollutants, the ions will fall down as it gets heavier. Therefore, the air becomes less polluted.

Models of ionic air purifier

There are two different kinds of ionic air purifiers, which are called electrostatic precipitators and air ionizers.

The electrostatic precipitator is a type of ionic air purifier that uses plates with positive and negative charges. These plates pull particles and pollutants into the plates and work as filters. Some people said that the electrostatic precipitator is less effective since it can hardly filter out the smaller particles. However, there is an advantage of using this type of ionic air purifier because it does not need to release negative ions into the room.

The more common type of ionic air purifier is air ionizer. This ionic air purifier works by releasing ions with negative charge to trap the particles. After that, the ions and particles will be dropped onto the floor or any other surfaces in the room. While the electrostatic precipitator has fans to drown the air into the purifier, the air ionizer does not have any fan on it. Sometimes, the air ionizer is considered ineffective, since it just simply release negative ions into the room, and we probably still have to clean the attached ions from our floor.

Benefits of buying an ionic air purifier

Although getting an ionic air purifier to purify our room may not be the best solution, it still can be the best option since it is usually less expensive. There is nothing wrong with trying the less expensive air purifier first before buying the expensive one. Moreover, people with minimum budgets still can get the benefit of ionic air purifiers. Another advantage of an ionizer air purifier is that the users don’t have to replace the filters regularly. Compared to the air filter, it only needs less power.

If your reason to buy an air purifier is to get rid of smoke odors, then you may want to consider ionic air purifier since it is better at absorbing the smoke particles than other types of air purifiers. Overall, to decide which air purifier is most suitable for you, you need to know precisely your reason to buy that. In the end, you can always choose the ionic air purifier with good quality to purify the air at an appropriate price.