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What to Anticipate from July’s Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event



Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris, France, on July 10th at 9 AM ET is quickly approaching. The firm isn’t holding back when it comes to at least a few of the topics it discusses; the announcement video’s graphic makes no secret of foldables, and the caption of the film teases that “Galaxy AI is here.” Both the website and YouTube offer live streaming for you to watch.

Beyond folding phones and pre-announcement gadget reservation discounts, there will be more to the occasion. That’s taken care of because Samsung usually announces new Galaxy phones at its second Galaxy Unpacked event early in the year, but we may also learn about other things, including

Galaxy Ring

Samsung’s January Galaxy Ring announcement was essentially a tease, but during Mobile World Congress in February, the firm allowed reporters to get hands-on time with a prototype, revealing colors and ring sizes as well as some information on the type of data its sensors will collect.

As of right now, there are reports stating that it will cost approximately $300 or $350 and that Samsung might launch a health and fitness subscription in addition to it. Other than that and the battery capacities disclosed by FCC testing records, not much information about the Galaxy Ring has leaked out of Samsung’s offices.

Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 from Samsung

There have already been many leaks regarding the Galaxy Z foldables. Even though it still uses the same 4,400mAh battery as its predecessor, the Z Fold 6 appears to be getting a redesigned, more squared-off appearance, noticeably brighter panels, and a somewhat longer battery life.

Even though the clamshell of Flip 6 may not have changed much from the previous iteration, some significant changes are anticipated. In addition to having a brightness bump akin to that of the Fold 6, the phone is rumored to come with a significantly brighter screen, a vapor chamber cooling mechanism, and a 3,790mAh or 4,000mAh battery. Instead of an OLED panel, the secondary screen could use an IPS panel.

It is anticipated that both phones will include a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and be slimmer and lighter.

Galaxy AI

Samsung was among the first to hop on the artificial intelligence bandwagon, and a number of its Galaxy AI capabilities are now or soon to be accessible for a wide range of Galaxy phones and devices, not just the newest and finest. As of right now, Galaxy AI is packed with standard artificial intelligence features, such as Google’s Circle to Search and on-device, in-call text and voice translations, photo and video editing, and so forth. This is the company’s opportunity to differentiate itself a little.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

It is likely that Samsung will discuss its upcoming lineup of Galaxy Watches. While Samsung has already shown the low-cost Galaxy Watch FE, rumors so far point to more of the same for the standard Watch 7. However, this might also mean the unveiling of a massive smartwatch known as the Galaxy Watch 7 “Ultra.”

With its squircle frame and circular watch face, the Watch 7 Ultra appears to be a bigger, badder watch. The company’s response to the Apple Watch Ultra appears to be the hefty watch depicted in leaked drawings. In fact, a third button that might serve the same purpose as Apple’s Action Button is visible. It could not be compatible with your previous Galaxy Watch bands since it even seems to have a Samsung version of Apple’s exclusive slide-in watchband connector.

Fresh Galaxy Earbuds

The Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra isn’t the only device that appears to be drawing inspiration from Apple’s designs. According to rumors, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 3 clearly resemble Apple’s third-generation AirPods, but with angular stems rather than spherical ones and accents of blue and orange at the tips. “Pro” variants have a matte gray finish and a somewhat distinct appearance. It appears that those are currently in retail shop rooms because someone on Reddit claimed to have previously paid $250 for a pair of those at a Walmart in the US.


 Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro Launch Postponed Because of Problems with Quality Control



At its Unpacked presentation on July 10, Samsung also debuted its newest flagship buds, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, with the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Flip 6, and the Galaxy Watch 7. Similar to its other products, the firm immediately began taking preorders for the earphones following the event, and on July 26th, they will go on sale at retail. But the Korean behemoth was forced to postpone the release of the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro and delay preorder delivery due to quality control concerns.

The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro went on sale earlier this week in South Korea, Samsung’s home market, in contrast to the rest of the world. However, allegations of problems with quality control quickly surfaced. These included loose case hinges, earbud joints that did not sit flush, blue dye blotches, scratches or scuffs on the case cover, and so on. It appears that the issues are exclusive to the white Buds 3 Pro; the silver devices are working fine.

Samsung reportedly sent out an email to stop selling Galaxy Buds 3 Pros, according to a Reddit user. These problems appear to be a result of Samsung’s inadequate quality control inspections. Numerous user complaints can also be found on its Korean community forum, where one consumer claims that the firm would enhance quality control and reintroduce the earphones on July 24.

 A Samsung official stated. “There have been reports relating to a limited number of early production Galaxy Buds 3 Pro devices. We are taking this matter very seriously and remain committed to meeting the highest quality standards of our products. We are urgently assessing and enhancing our quality control processes.”

“To ensure all products meet our quality standards, we have temporarily suspended deliveries of Galaxy Buds 3 Pro devices to distribution channels to conduct a full quality control evaluation before shipments to consumers take place. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Should Korean customers encounter problems with their Buds 3 Pro devices after they have already received them, they should bring them to the closest service center for a replacement.

Possible postponement of the US debut of the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro

Samsung seems to have rescheduled the launch date and (some) presale deliveries of the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro in the US and other markets by one month. Inspect your earbuds carefully upon delivery to make sure there are no issues with quality control, especially if your order is still scheduled for July.

The Buds 3 Pro is currently scheduled for delivery in late August, one month after its launch date, on the company’s US store. Additionally, Best Buy no longer takes preorders for the earphones, and Amazon no longer lists them for sale.

There are no quality control difficulties affecting the Buds 3, and they are still scheduled for delivery by July 24, the day of launch. Customers of the original Galaxy Buds 3 Pro have reported that taking them out is easy to tear the ear tips. Samsung’s delay, though, doesn’t seem to be related to that issue.

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The First PC Emulator for the iPhone and iPad has been Approved by Apple



UTM SE is the first PC emulator for iPhone and iPad that is accessible on the App Store, and Apple has changed its mind and accepted it. This program enables you to run older versions of macOS, Windows, and other operating systems on your iPhone or iPad.

The Original iPad and iPhone PC Emulation

In April, Apple updated its App Store Guidelines to permit game emulators, a move that was implemented globally and in the European Union as well. As a result of this modification, several game emulators—including the well-known Nintendo emulator Delta—have been released on the App Store.

Nevertheless, in June, Apple banned the PC emulation program UTM SE, even after the Store Guidelines were modified. In addition, Apple removed the software from third-party app stores in the European Union in addition to the global software store.

Even though playing vintage games is one of the main reasons people use PC emulators like UTM, Apple’s answer at the time was that only “retro game” emulators were allowed, not PC emulators. Widespread criticism of the judgment resulted in possible action from the European Commission.

But this past weekend, the UTM SE developers revealed via a social media post that Apple had changed its mind. The App Store now offers UTM SE for download. Additionally, it will soon be accessible in the EU through AltStore PAL. Apple hasn’t offered any explanation for the reason behind this turnaround.

Using the PC emulator UTM SE, you can play retro games and applications.

  • supports text-only operating systems in terminal mode and graphics in VGA mode.
  • simulates PPC, RISC-V, and x86 architectures.
  • Use pre-built machines or start from scratch with a custom configuration.
  • constructed using the robust and popular emulator QEMU

One thing to keep in mind is that JIT compilers cannot be used with apps distributed on iOS. This implies that the iPhone and iPad emulators using UTM SE won’t be as capable as those on other platforms in terms of functionality and performance.

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Bixby, Samsung’s Enhanced Voice Assistant, will Debut this Year with its Own AI



According to the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, the company will release an enhanced version of its voice assistant Bixby this year, which will be powered by its own artificial intelligence models.

Because ChatGPT from OpenAI has become so popular, digital assistants are now again in the spotlight. According to TM Roh, the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, the South Korean tech giant’s own large language model, or LLM, will be used in a further enhanced version of Bixby that will be unveiled this year.

Through a translator, Roh added in Korean, “We’re going to advance Bixby with the application of Gen AI technology.”

In 2017, Bixby made its debut alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Among the many features of the voice assistant are suggestions for restaurants and real-time translations. With the Bixby Vision function, users may scan objects in front of them with their phone’s camera to get information about them from Bixby.

Artificial intelligence that can produce material, such as images or answers to queries, is known as generative AI, or Gen AI. The AI model that powers generative AI, known as an LLM, is trained on massive volumes of data.

But according to Roh, Samsung will continue to support numerous voice assistants on its products. For example, the newest Samsung devices come with Google’s AI helper.

Just over a month has passed since Apple said Siri, its assistant, will receive an AI update. Roh has now confirmed its Bixby upgrade. If Siri needs more answers, she will be able to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The Bixby update is a component of Samsung’s larger campaign to promote AI capabilities across its line of products. In an attempt to persuade consumers to switch to more expensive smartphones, the Samsung announced some new AI features along with two new foldable devices on Wednesday: the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6.

According to Roh, “We are reinforcing and bringing more AI capabilities to our products,”

“As consumers use more AI capabilities they can actually feel the convenience and benefits they bring. I believe strongly that these Galaxy AI, mobile AI are strong motivations and drivers for the purchase of new products.”

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