Why did Youmna Khoury Choose to Sell Lashes, Lenses, and Hair Extensions?

Born and raised in Lebanon, and now living in Dubai with her family, Youmna Khoury is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Ever since a young age, Youmna has always been the one to have an eye for fashion. She stepped into the world of fashion and business by starting her own salon in Lebanon. Fashion and style are some things that have always brought her joy and Youmna wanted to spread the same joy with others. Her salon catered to the needs for both men and women. Youmna eventually opened her own online store called Youmi Online Shop and is also currently working on a new E-commerce project. 

Youmna’s love for fashion and her experience in the industry has taught her that glamorous clothes are not the only thing that one needs in order to have the perfect look. You need to have the best fashion accessories with it too. These include things like makeup and hair. So, keeping this in mind, Youmna decided to sell her top three favorite fashion accessories: luxury lashes, stunning hair extensions and beautiful contact lenses. Through her brand, Youmna strives to ensure that passion and professionalism meet elegance and class. Youmna has been very successful in running her business so far.        

Youmna knows about all the ‘it’ things in the field of fashion. She makes sure that all her followers are also up to date with all the latest trends and styles being introduced in the world of fashion. Youmna has always managed to keep up with all the latest trends in the cosmetic industry and has been exceeding expectations since 2017. Her dedication to perfection and precision in the process of creating the top quality contact lenses, luxurious lashes, and long lasting hair extensions just prove to show how much she loves her work and what an amazing business woman she is. Through her online brand, Youmna is sharing with her clients, her interesting take on fashion, style and beauty. Thus, helping every girl lead a jaw dropping and stunning lifestyle that exceeds sky-high expectations.

Youmna wants to assure that young girls are always feeling their best through fashion. For this purpose, she believes that fashion accessories are also an integral part of your style statement. There is no point in wearing a classy outfit with poorly done makeup and wear a hideous wig with it. It just ruins the entire look. According to Youmna, your makeup, and hair extensions need to be natural and of the top quality. Thus, the brand is the ultimate combination of the three items that Youmna absolutely loves: hair extensions, contact lenses, and fake eyelashes. There is no doubt about the fact that Youmna puts together an impeccable and empowering range of products with a cost that is suitable for everyone.

Moreover, Youmna thinks that most online brands sell clothes and other fashion products. There are very few companies that cater to such accessories. Thus, not only did Youmna want to show her audience the importance of beautiful lashes and a snatched wig, she also wanted to make sure that she brought something different and unique to the market.