Why Ohdes only left Bongo online

The up and coming 18 year old artist Ohdes (Georgio Boerenbrink) has recently removed all of his previous released tracks such as; Let Me Be (Feat. Marifa), Horizon, Rise & much more songs. He already stated why he removed the previous tracks. It was because first of all he already wanted to remove them himself, because he did not think al the songs where good enough to be out there. He wanted to remaster and improve almost all of songs. The second reason why is because he had problems with his music distributor and he could not release anymore music via them so he is searching for a new music distributor.

So that leaves everyone with only 1 question left: Why did Ohdes not remove the song Bongo? We asked him via his instagram DM’s (@ohdesmusic) and he told us that Bongo was one of his best songs that he made at the time that he released the song. Ohdes thinks Bongo is perfect the way it is and does not want to change Bongo, ever. The second reason why is because he still wanted people to listen to his music and he did not want to be unfindable to his audience. That is why he only left Bongo still online.

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