YungK Takes Over Melrose Avenue with God’s Dream Popup Shop

After the arrival of his single “Take Me Higher” with Abella D highlighted on The Source and Respect Magazine. YungK dispatches his pop up shop for “God’s Dream” on Melrose ave shopping locale from August 3 to September 1. On the off chance that you missed the pop-up shop, you can still buy pieces from God’s Dream site at godsdreamworldwide.com.

YungK ran his spring up God’s Dream on Melrose to advance his single “My Time”. Virtuoso showcasing plan to dispatch a spring up shop on Melrose and drop a solitary simultaneously. In the event that you pursue YungK on his Instagram @yungak, you’re seeing beautiful women, high-end fashion and foreign vehicles. You can check out at Yungk’s music on out on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon or Tidal.