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AI technology in the cloud has been developed for safer and more durable batteries



Researchers from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and Durapower Innovation Singapore Pte Ltd have fostered a cloud-based innovation that can enormously improve the life expectancy and wellbeing of lithium-particle batteries.

As the worldwide shift towards environmentally friendly power and electric vehicles (EVs) accelerates, the interest for productive, protected and supportable batteries has turned into a squeezing concern. Additionally, with the ascent in distributed computing, the interest for energy capacity frameworks for server farms has been developing.

Fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT) andArtificial Intelligence (AI), this new arrangement can help organizations and server farms bring down the dangers related with lithium-particle batteries, including potential fire perils, especially in warm and moist environments like Singapore.

Led by NTU Assistant Professor Hung Dinh Nguyen and Durapower CEO Mr Kelvin Lim, this research project is supported by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and the National Research Foundation, Singapore (NRF), under the Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) 2020 Plan.

Throughout recent years, the joint group fostered a Fire & Explosion Management System (FXMS), which uses Computerized Twin innovation – where a virtual imitation of a genuine battery is made to reflect the one, in actuality – offering high-exactness, constant observing, as well as expectations of battery conditions as long as five years.

The FXMS can give normal checking of which battery pack is probably going to come up short and can foresee when will be a great opportunity to supplant it, with up to 95 percent precision, up to north of a half year in future. At present, it is being tried in a compartment measured energy capacity arrangement on the NTU Shrewd Grounds.

The group gauges that their patent-forthcoming innovation can assist with broadening the life expectancy of lithium-particle batteries by more than 50%, essentially decreasing fossil fuel byproduct through the decrease of battery squander, as batteries require a ton of assets and energy to make.

Asst Prof Hung Dinh Nguyen, who is the Group Head of Renewables’ Combination and Microgrids at the Energy Research Institute at NTU (ERI@N), made sense of, “Our main aim is to enhance the safety and efficiency of large-scale energy storage systems and Electric Vehicles, as a single faulty cell can spark off a chemical fire that is extremely hard to put out. Since our technology is cloud-based, it is scalable and can easily be adapted for consumer electronics such as mobility devices, laptops and mobile phones, helping the batteries to last longer and in the long run, reduce electronic waste and carbon footprint,”

CEO of Durapower Gathering, Mr Kelvin Lim remarked, “With the global mandate for sustainability, smart mobility, and a carbon neutral future, we’re seeing widespread adoption of energy storage systems and uptake of EVs. The development of a customisable software platform like FXMS furthers efforts towards robust and comprehensive digital infrastructure based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to capture increasingly complex battery and energy usage in the EV market. The outcomes from this joint initiative with the EMA, NTU and Durapower on FXMS will enable better decisions based on data and analytics, facilitating optimal battery health, performance, and longevity.”

NTU VP (Industry) Teacher Lam Khin Yong, said the joint effort among NTU and Durapower shows the way that new innovation in the green economy can be spearheaded through areas of strength for an industry organization upheld by the Singapore government.

“NTU has a strong track record in working closely with leading industry players, to develop innovations that can meet the key challenges in their sector. Combining our deep expertise in areas such as sustainability, battery technology and deep tech like IoT and AI, with Durapower’s industry knowledge and experience, we can propel innovation quicker and boost the competitiveness of our local SMEs globally in fast-rising industries such as EVs and energy storage systems.”

Computerized Twins, which are virtual imitations of offices or articles in reality, are an essential improvement in the Infocomm business, as it empowers more powerful and more secure dynamic through simulated intelligence proposals. It is likewise an examination region firmly upheld by the NTU 2025 Brilliant course of action, under its Development and Business venture drive sent off recently.

On account of huge battery stockpiling frameworks like those utilized for environmentally friendly power lattices or server farms, the computerized twin considers the immediate administration of batteries, for example, rerouting electrical burden to draw out the existence of more vulnerable batteries or to briefly stop the utilization of a battery pack until it very well may be supplanted.

As battery packs age, for example, those in EVs, they are ordinarily utilized for second-life applications like energy stockpiling lastly be reused into new lithium-particle batteries. The ERI@N is at present creating answers for all parts of battery stockpiling, from battery the executives frameworks to the assembling of batteries.

Pushing ahead, the NTU group will work intimately with Durapower to preliminary their answer on bigger server farms and to modify it for various applications and battery frameworks.


Asana to Launch in Nigeria to Use AI to Revolutionize Workflows



The top work management platform for businesses, Asana, has announced its official launch in Lagos. The event will take place in Ikoyi, Lagos, during the first week of June, with the theme “Future-Proofing Nigerian Workflows: AI That Works.” The event is expected to herald in a new era of productivity and efficiency for Nigerian firms, according to the brand’s Nigerian promoters.

“Asana continues to grow its global presence and enable teams to accomplish their objectives more effectively. This major milestone is the company’s introduction into the Nigerian market through its West African partner, Novotech Works.”

Asana is excited to be introduced to Nigeria and help regional companies streamline their operations and boost output. Asana Africa’s Country Director, Rilwon Jaiyeola, stated, “Our platform is designed to help teams collaborate effectively and achieve their objectives with ease.”

Asana, which began operations in April 2012 after being founded in 2008, has been leading the way in changing workplaces all over the world. The platform’s logical AI-driven solutions are well known for helping businesses operate more efficiently and accomplish more. World-renowned companies including Sony Music, Zoom, Dow Jones, Discovery Digital Studios, and Dior are among Asana’s remarkable clientele worldwide.

Zoom saves an incredible 133 work weeks annually, while Sony Music used Asana to triple its creative production capability. Thanks to Asana, Discovery Digital Studios creates thousands of films every month and Dow Jones Marketing reduces their workweek by ten percent. With the help of Asana’s skills, Christian Dior has expedited the launch of its fragrances.

Asana is about to introduce these revolutionary advantages to Nigerian workplaces. Project management, teamwork, and task tracking are just a few of the issues that Asana’s cutting-edge features and AI-driven solutions are intended to address. Businesses in Nigeria stand to gain from Asana’s increased productivity, optimized workflows, and markedly decreased administrative workloads.

Attendees at the breakfast event will get the chance to learn more about Asana’s features and benefits from the company, which has offices in Tokyo, Reykjavík, San Francisco, New York, Dublin, Sydney, Vancouver, and Tokyo. Discussions regarding the application of AI to future-proof Nigerian workflows will also be held by participants. Experts in the field will participate in the panel discussion.

Business observers predict that in addition to commemorating Asana’s arrival in Lagos, the event will provide guests a personal look at what it can do. Additionally, it’s anticipated that entrepreneurs and business executives will get together to discuss how Asana can be used to improve productivity, address current workplace problems, and prepare operations for the future.

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Truecaller Launches AI Call Scanner to Combat AI-Based Voice Scams



To assist customers in identifying AI scam calls, Truecaller is launching a new tool that runs on artificial intelligence (AI). The AI Call Scanner function, which can distinguish between a human and an AI voice on a call, is being rolled out by the caller ID platform. The organization brought attention to the growing number of AI voice scams, in which malevolent actors utilize AI to impersonate well-known voices in order to trick others. Interestingly, the US will be the first to receive this capability.

The Truecaller AI Call Scanner feature has been launched

According to the company, the recently unveiled Truecaller AI Call Scanner tool can analyze a caller’s voice in real-time and communicate the results in a matter of seconds. The AI Call Scanner function records a caller’s speech for a few seconds and then uses an internal AI model to determine whether the caller is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to swindle the user.

According to Truecaller, their AI model has been trained to recognize the distinctive qualities of human speech and set it apart from sounds produced by AI. It went on to say that even though the entire process only takes a few seconds, precision is maintained at a high level.

Users of Truecaller Premium who have the most recent version of the app (14.6) on Android will be able to use this functionality. The function is now being rolled out in the US, and the business has stated that it will be made available in India and other significant regions in the near future.

The business brought to light the fact that a number of malevolent actors attempt to extract money from victims by imitating human voices with AI. After social media videos are used to train the AI, the voice is utilized to call victims who are connected to the persons whose voices have been cloned.

When calling their victims, the con artists employ a voice that sounds familiar to them; this trick fools them into believing that it is one of their family. According to Truecaller, these frauds were first discovered in 2019 and have been much more prevalent in the years that have followed.

How to Utilize the AI Call Scanner on Truecaller

  • Make Truecaller your go-to phone app.
  • When you get a questionable call, tap on Start AI Detection.
  • The AI will record the voice and momentarily put the call on hold.
  • Await the notification that reads “Analyzing…” to know that the caller’s voice is being examined by the AI model.
  • If the voice seems artificial, check the on-screen notification.

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Generic AI for Interactive Experiences is Introduced by Mentimeter



Mentimeter, the top engagement platform globally, is pleased to present its most recent generative AI-powered features. Users may now quickly and easily create draft interactive presentations, or “Mentis,” with the introduction of the “AI Menti Builder,” by following easy suggestions. This feature helps users be more productive and efficient by allowing them to quickly transform ideas, agendas, and outlines into live polls, quizzes, and conversation starters.

The most recent development in the engagement platform is the AI Menti Builder. With only a prompt, Mentimeter customers may now create designed drafts that are suited to their unique requirements and goals by utilizing the power of generative AI. Based on Mentimeter’s knowledge base of best practices for conducting meetings and classes, the AI interprets the intent and creates a custom presentation. No matter what kind of session they want to host—workshop, quiz, seminar, poll, retrospective, or anything else—users have access to an editable Menti in a matter of seconds, complete with the relevant topic.

Mentimeter has been acknowledged for a long time as the preferred platform for engagement, utilized by most of the top colleges in the world, 95% of Fortune 500 firms, and others to make typical lectures, meetings, and presentations fascinating. Through interactive polls, comments, and reactions, Mentimeter transforms inactive audiences into active contributors, whether they are running in-person or virtual meetings or seminars.

“Customers tell us that they frequently don’t have enough time to upgrade typical one-way presentations into interactive learning experiences. Rather than starting from zero when developing slides, users may now ask the AI Menti Builder to create the interactive questions, and they will promptly receive a Menti draft that they can edit. In addition to saving time, this new feature helps users concentrate on providing meaningful material and successfully interacting with their audience, enabling them to attend and conduct meetings and classes more skillfully, according to Mentimeter co-founder Niklas Ingvar.”

Representing Mentimeter’s dedication to enabling users to become the best facilitators, teachers, and leaders they can be, the AI Menti Builder builds on top of Open AI’s technology and combines Mentimeter’s expertise in facilitation best practices. It is available as a free feature to all Mentimeter users.

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