Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and fiancee Brittany Matthews declares the birth of their first child

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl a year back and was named the game’s MVP. After five months, he got an agreement augmentation that could pay him a half-billion dollars.

So 2020 was an incredible year for Mahomes.

Recently, the Chiefs and Mahomes lost the Super Bowl, however this year is destined to be superior to the last in light of what occurred on Saturday:

Mahomes, 25, and his fiancee Brittany Matthews invited their child young lady into the world.

The name of this little bundle of joy: Sterling Skye Mahomes.

In September, Mahomes and Matthews declared their engagement, soon after the Chiefs players got their rings for winning Super Bowl LIV. Later in the month, the couple uncovered they would be parents, and Mahomes discussed what an incredible year he was having.

“It’s extremely exciting,” Mahomes said at the time. “Being able to grow up and have these dreams of having a family and playing in the NFL — for that stuff to start happening and really coming to truth, it’s really cool. I’m just excited that I have a lot of great people around me, and I’m in a great organization, and I’m able to live out these dreams day by day.”

The next month, the couple utilized their canines as a feature of a sex uncover, and Mahomes tweeted that he would have been a #GirlDad.

A few days before Super Bowl LV, Mahomes said the infant could be conceived anytime and he trusted the birth would come after the game. Child Mahomes, the freshest individual from Chiefs Kingdom, obliged that demand.