Full Moon 2019: When To Watch June’s Full Moon in Different Parts of World

Aside from the debut of the Strawberry Moon, the current year’s special full moon occasion will likewise be joined by Mercury and Mars. The peak of the full moon will be visible relying upon the time zone.

The Strawberry Moon got its name from the Native American Algonquin tribes in North America. For them, the arrival of the full moon during this time implies the start of the wild strawberry harvest.

In different parts of the world, the Strawberry Moon is referred to as Mead Moon, Honey Moon, Long Night Moon or Cold Moon, as indicated by the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

What’s the best time to see it?

The best time to see the Strawberry Moon will vary depending the time zone. For those in the Eastern time zone of the U.S., the peak of the full moon will happen on June 17 at 4:30 a.m. For those in the Pacific time zone in the West Coast, the peak will happen at 1:30 a.m.

me to watch the full moon is as it is rising over the eastern skyline,” she told CNN. “When the Moon is low on the horizon, it allows you to capture the view with objects in the foreground, making the moon appear bigger.”

Beside the Strawberry Moon, sky gazers will likewise be treated with the presence of other divine bodies, for example, Mars and Mercury. As indicated by NASA, these two planets will show up on the night of the full moon on June 17 in the west-northwest skyline. They will be about a degree from one another and around five degrees from the skyline.

The individuals will’s identity viewing the night sky will most likely able to spot Mercury first since it will be brighter than Mars. On the evening of June 18, Mercury and Mars will appear closer to each other at only about a third of a degree apart.