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In this clumsy Netflix thriller, Queen Latifah finds herself at a dead end



In the Netflix thriller End of the Road, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges’ personality Reggie winds up in a confined side of the road inn, gazing intently at a sack brimming with recoil wrapped cash reserved close to a man left for dead. Reggie snatches that sack, overlooking the examples learned in films like No Country for Old Men and A Simple Plan, where income sans work accompanies a body count.

Perhaps Reggie felt the principles in that type don’t matter since those motion pictures were dependably about white individuals. Stopping point separates itself primarily by inclining toward its Black cast and team, featured by Queen Latifah. The film peaks with her declaring, “I make my own standards.”

When that mic drop second comes, End of the Road has previously bypassed from unconvincing spine chiller about individuals doing frantic things for a pack of cartel cash into an area that is undeniably more silly and parodic, however that can be pleasurable by its own doing. Who couldn’t appreciate watching Queen Latifah break liberated from zip attaches with sheer could to pummel a trailer park brimming with neo-Nazis?

Sovereign Latifah plays Brenda, a lady pushed beyond her limits, grieving her better half who as of late passed on from disease. She sold their LA home to bear the cost of his chemo. Presently he’s gone as is their home. Brenda, her practical young girl Kelly (Mychala Faith Lee), preadolescent child Cam (Shaun Dixon) and charmingly reckless sibling Reggie get together in their SUV to move to Houston.

They manage some side of the road negligible hostilities en route prior to halting at an inn in Arizona. That is where they hear a disturbance and a discharge in the room nearby. At that time, Brenda declares to her family that she’s a trauma center medical caretaker – as though they didn’t as of now have any idea – and jumps out to get the casualty no profit. The casualty is likewise a thug who crossed a shroud and-knife miscreant named Mr Cross by taking his cash. Reggie is in the mind-set to do likewise.

Before long Brenda is getting secretive rings from what sounds like the guest from the Scary Movie establishment. It’s really Mr Cross. He doesn’t do film random data yet he jumps at the chance to mess around. What unfurls is an attempt to beat the odds thrill ride with over the top anger and bigots that is generally unsurprising, save for several wail commendable turns of events.

The activity is cumbersome. The composing rests on sayings. The emotional scenes misjudge the creative scope of an enchanting rapper-turned-entertainer like Bridges. Also, chief Millicent Shelton intrigues a few expressive choices en route, whether amethyst lighting or montages have the vibe of a R&B music video.

The last tasteful checks out when you think about Shelton’s experience. She started out working closet on Do the Right Thing and coordinating music recordings for craftsmen like Kwamé and Salt-N-Pepa prior to composing and coordinating TV as far reaching as 30 Rock and P-Valley. Simply being a Black lady working in the background in Hollywood for over thirty years makes Shelton to some degree an uncelebrated symbol. Also, there are minutes in End of the Road that are likely however strong as they may be a result of her viewpoint.

The initial shot, for example, acquaints us with Brenda through the raised security reflect in a service station corner shop, promptly reminding us how individuals in the film see a dreadlocked lady. She’s somebody to be surveilled. What’s more, Queen Latifah’s best second in the film is a scene where Brenda will sit in her sentiments, depleted from the amount she should smile and bear it.

Very much into their excursion, however before the cash comes into the image, the family is confronted by two hazardously forceful bigoted hillbillies with a rifle in their pickup truck. There’s a risky game and afterward a showdown out and about. To stop what is happening and guarantee the security of her Black family, Brenda apologizes to them, an outrageous embarrassment thinking about what they’ve recently experienced. At the point when the white men ignore everything like they’ve been kidding up and down, it’s painful to watch the profound, furious and hurt presentation Queen Latifah gives – as though attempting to force down her own tears.

This is a film that has not many legitimate minutes, and a lot of ludicrous ones. Yet, that small presentation, coordinated by an individual Black lady, rings sadly evident.


Victoria Team: Setting the Standard of Resilience and Innovation for Miss Supranational 2024



Malaposka, Poland – April 15, 2024 – As the Miss Supranational 2024 pageant approaches, Denmark’s Victoria Team emerges as the epitome of resilience and innovation, setting new standards in pageant preparation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a penchant for groundbreaking ideas, Victoria Team is poised to redefine success on the global stage.

Under the visionary leadership of National Director Lisa Lents CEO and Creative Director Nicole Rodrigues, the Victoria Team embodies a spirit of perseverance and forward-thinking. Their approach blends tradition with innovation, ensuring Denmark’s representative stands out amidst fierce competition.

At the heart of their strategy lies a dedication to continuous improvement and adaptability. Pageant Q&A coaches Jimmy Langhoff, Anjli Raut, and Carlos instill confidence and clarity in communication, while Fashion Director Rocky Star pushes boundaries with avant-garde designs that showcase Denmark’s unique style.

The Victoria Team’s social media prowess is unparalleled, led by Social Media Managers Nishant, Utkarsh, and their dynamic team. Through strategic content and engaging campaigns, they harness the power of digital platforms to amplify Denmark’s voice and message worldwide.

In the face of challenges, Victoria Team remains steadfast, thanks to the resilience instilled by PR Managers Maryna Savchenko, John Lumansi, and Amber. Their ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes ensures Denmark’s story resonates with audiences across Europe, Africa, and beyond.

Behind the scenes, photographers Tina Patni, Steen Vlad, Veronika Hobson, MADDY, Jonas Jensen, Rozen Antonio, Jan Hammerstad, Anastasia Ranjinskaya, and Jaffrin capture moments of strength and grace, while Gym/Fitness Coaches Daniela, Morgan Morgan, and Carlos sculpt not only bodies but also minds, fostering a mindset of perseverance and determination.

Catwalk Coaches MAI-BRITT CATRINE, Alesia Raut, Anea Rasch, and Camilla Dalsgaard refine Denmark’s representative into a vision of confidence and grace, while Branding & Strategy expert Thom Brodeur ensures every aspect of her persona reflects resilience and innovation.

With Personal Stylist Steve Anozie and Makeup Artists Alesya Karunets, Anam Nazmi, Lanah Hamad, and Bianca Louzado adding the final touches of elegance and sophistication, Denmark’s representative emerges as a beacon of resilience, consistency, and innovation.

As the world watches with anticipation, the Victoria Team remains steadfast in their mission to redefine success, setting new benchmarks for excellence in pageantry. Stay tuned for updates as Denmark’s journey unfolds.

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Star of “A Christmas Story,” Peter Billingsley, resolves the controversy surrounding “Die Hard” holiday films




Star of A Christmas Story, Peter Billingsley, resolves the controversy surrounding Die Hard holiday films

Star of “A Christmas Story,” Peter Billingsley, is putting up a strong argument in the age-old argument over whether or not “Die Hard” qualifies as a Christmas film.

His reasoning was so strong that he was able to persuade “Die Hard” cinematographer Jan de Bont, who wasn’t entirely convinced that the action film starring Bruce Willis is a holiday classic despite its mid-summer release date.

“Can we have a healthy debate? Can we make the argument to you of why it’s a Christmas movie?” Billingsley proposed to de Bont on a recent episode of his podcast “A Cinematic Christmas Journey.”

He continues, saying that the movie’s main setting is a Christmas party and that “production design put Santas everywhere.” Of course, there’s the scene where Willis’s character John McClane “decorates the dead body and puts it into an elevator,” which Billingsley refers to as the “iconic ‘ho ho ho’ moment.”

“But I’ll leave you with this,” Billingsley told de Bont. “Most importantly, I think it embodies the themes of Christmas of acceptance, forgiveness, love and family.”

With a nod of approval, de Bont smiles and says, “Okay, I’m sold now.”

In a video that Billingsley and his co-host Steve Byrne shared on Instagram, they can be seen grinning and laughing as de Bont concedes their disagreement.

“Die Hard,” which starred Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, and the late Alan Rickman, debuted in July 1988. It tells the story of a New York City police officer who tries to rescue hostages who are kidnapped by terrorists on Christmas eve at a party.

Willis, on the other hand, views “Die Hard” as a very different kind of film.

“Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!” He proclaimed during his 2018 Comedy Central Roast. “It’s a Bruce Willis movie, so yippee-ki-yay… and good night!”

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Katrina Kaif ‘threatened’ Vicky Kaushal when she asked him to return to film set two days after their marriage: ‘Shaadi rehne hi do’



Bollywood stars Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif‘s 2021 wedding ceremony in Rajasthan captured hearts with its dreamy charm. Recently, Vicky recalled how the shoot of Zara Hatke Zara Bachke collided with his marriage. The actor published that he had to take offs from Zara Hatke Zara Bachke shoot to attend his wedding. However, when the makers of the movie requested him to return to the set inside two days of marriage, Katrina issued a hazard and pushed him to remain longer with her.

Speaking about the time he used to be taking pictures for Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, Vicky instructed media, “I have completed half of of the film’s capturing earlier than my marriage and then I took off for my marriage. Right after the marriage, inside two days, they had been calling me on the set. Toh fir mujh dhamki mil gayi thi ki tumhe do din baad set pe hi jana hai toh shaadi rehne hi do (Then I acquired the hazard that if you have to go to the set in two days then don’t get married). Then I said ‘no’ and I went to the units of the movie after 5 days.”

Vicky additionally spoke about how his lifestyles has modified after marrying Katrina. Sharing how she brings ‘peace’ to his life, Vicky said, “Marriage has been in reality stunning and it absolutely is a blessing to discover a accomplice for your self the place you surely experience like you have come again home. It’s a sukoon (peace) vala feeling. It’s a fantastic feeling, she is a beautiful human being. It is enjoyable dwelling and exploring existence with her. I am touring a lot with her, some thing I didn’t journey a lot before.”

Though they belong to the equal profession, Vicky stated that he and Katrina don’t talk about work a lot. “We don’t talk about work a lot. We are each from the identical industry, so we discuss about it however we don’t talk about scripts and all,” the actor said.

On the work front, Vicky will subsequent be viewed in Sam Bahadur, which is directed by way of Meghna Gulzar. The movie will launch in theatres on December 1 and will conflict with Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal. Katrina used to be closing considered with Salman Khan in the undercover agent thriller, Tiger three

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